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Anatomy of a Planta Commercial Greenhouse: How Each Part Helps You Grow For Success | Commercial Greenhouse Kits Canada

Every farmer, gardener, and green thumb knows there are a lot of variables to growing plants and crops, especially when it is your livelihood and business. You can’t have too many risks or your crop for the season might fail and then you’re out of luck. 



This is why greenhouses are such a valuable investment for your business because you will gain the control you need to make sure you can produce whatever you want regularly. Planta Greenhouses has commercial greenhouse kits to give you the best quality greenhouses at competitive commercial greenhouse prices in Canada.

Greenhouse Heating

One of the most important variables for plants is heat; does it need to go dormant for 3 months for the bulb to mature? Does it need 8 months of weather 20+ degrees to fully produce fruit? Unless you are looking to move there are a lot of plants that just can’t natively survive in Canada and that’s where a greenhouse comes in. Greenhouses are made entirely out of glass not to just get your plants the sunlight they need, but also they are designed like that to trap the sun’s heat.

The sun’s heat is absorbed by the plants and anything else in the greenhouse and converted into heat. Everyone has experienced this with a dark car sitting in the sun a little too long, except in this situation the heat does not escape. A greenhouses airtight structure keeps the heat in making the greenhouse entirely solar heated. 

Protection Against Outside Dangers

The enemy of every gardener is the local wildlife, it doesn’t matter where you are or what season there’s always a squirrel, crow, rabbit, or raccoon out to snack on your tasty hard work. Even more devious are the bugs and insects slowly but surely whittling down your crop population. Aphids, caterpillars, and beetles are every farmer’s worst nightmare and they do not give up easily when they find a nice meal they like. 

A greenhouses airtight seal helps with this as well, now you don’t have to worry anymore about potential late-night snackers and ravagers eating your crops.  This has an added benefit that you will get to potentially cut out pesticides, which can harmful to the helpful bugs for your plants. Greenhouses can also keep in the helpful bugs as long as you need them, creating the perfect ideal environment for your plants.

Growing During Canadian Winter

Canadas winter conditions can really get in the way of a nice yearly crop yield. Sometimes the weather is irregular, snowing one day and melting the next, and most crops cannot survive or grow to their full potential. 

Snow buildup can be scary for a greenhouse owner though, blocking off the sunlight and weighing the structure down to potentially break and just destroy the harvest. This is why a curved and arched frame is ideal, the snow easily slides off. Galvanized frames are also a great investment, handling snow loads weighing upwards of 140 kg/m², letting you rest easy during winter and not worry about your winter harvest. 

No Weather Worries Either

Dry spells, heavy winds, and flash downpours can give you worries no more! Having a sealed environment gives you control over how often and how much your crops get watered and protects them from the elements and unpredictable things outside.

This also gives the major advantages of just ignoring seasons all together if you want, with a greenhouse and the right equipment you can harvest tomatoes during winter or even pumpkin during spring. This will really open up your sales potential as prices for fruit or vegetables out of season is significantly higher than when it’s in season. 

Find an Affordable and Heavy-Duty Greenhouse With Planta

There are no limits of what layout or crops to choose from and even extensions can be added on afterwards to fully customize your greenhouse; keeping your business and profits growing. 

A greenhouse is a worthy investment to boost your production, limit the risks of a disappointing harvest, expand your options of what you can plant, and when you can harvest them. 

Planta offers commercial-grade greenhouses with strong galvanized steel structures, and the ability to withstand large snow loads and strong winds for the best environment and quality for your crops. Contact us today to find your ideal commercial greenhouse kit.

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