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Farmer Commercial Greenhouses: Answering Important Questions From Buyers

Thinking about investing in a commercial greenhouse? It can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know where to start or where to look. We completely get it, buying a greenhouse can be a serious investment. 



The Planta collection of greenhouses is a compact and practical solution to farming fruits, crops or vegetables all season long. Its outstanding design makes it the most durable and versatile greenhouse solution on the market.

Should you buy a small commercial greenhouse in Canada? Does your greenhouse require a frame?

We’ve answered some of the most common questions you might have when shopping for a greenhouse!

Do I Really Need a Greenhouse?

This is one of the most common questions. Simply put, there are many benefits to buying a greenhouse. 

One of the biggest benefits is that you can grow a variety of plants including flowers, fruits, and vegetables that you want all year round; even during the colder months! Having a greenhouse gives you the freedom to choose what crops you want to grow and how you want to grow them. It also provides access to a supply of fresh produce year-round and keeps the elements from getting to them. 

When you have a greenhouse, you can ignore all weather conditions and seasonal changes. Whether its heavy rains, extreme temperatures both hot and cold, or long droughts will not cause any serious problems for your plants-it’s a gardener’s dream!

What Size Greenhouse Should I Buy?

The smartest way to decide what size greenhouse is best for you is to evaluate your needs. You should pick based on factors such as your budget, how much land space you have, any other farming endeavours you may want to undertake and what types of crops you want to grow. 

Another thing to consider is the use of space-any greenhouse you buy will be filled with plants, pots, compost bags and tools. This can definitely pose a problem – there’s nothing more frustrating than buying a small greenhouse only to find out that you could have picked a larger size. However, on the other hand, choosing a small greenhouse can help conserve land space tremendously, leaving you space for other endeavours. 

The trick is to find a greenhouse that can hold all the plants you want and not break your budget. Don’t forget to take into account that your plants will grow! The amount of space you have at the beginning of your greenhouse will not be the same as what you have when your plants are fully grown.

Luckily for you, Planta features a variety of farmer commercial greenhouses available in different styles and sizes to fit all your farming needs!

What Type of Frame Should My Greenhouse Have?

There are two primary types of frames: wood and metal. In most cases, metal is the superior option. Wood is considered more traditional. Metal won’t rot and is much more robust-plus metal frame greenhouses are much cheaper, lighter and easier to assemble! 

All our Planta greenhouse kits are constructed from special galvanized metal and are extremely durable-they feature the highest snow and wind loads among all greenhouse kits on the market. Our heavy-duty, rust and snow resistant steel frames provide assurance that your garden will remain safe even during the most extreme winter conditions. Having the right frame with high-quality construction means you won’t have to worry about any rot or bugs attacking your greenhouse and crops!


Are There Any Accessories I Should Consider Buying For My Greenhouse?

Definitely! Some additional products you should consider purchasing alongside your greenhouse are farming tools, fertilizer, potting and sowing seed, and a water butt to recycle rainwater. 

You might also want to consider purchasing a thermometer so you can accurately control temperatures within your greenhouse. If you want to spice up your greenhouse, consider purchasing one of a variety of ventilation windows to help your plants breathe for when you are away on vacation and unable to access your greenhouse. 

Purchasing a greenhouse can be daunting at first- it’s a large and long-term investment, so you’ll want to make sure you choose the one that best suits your needs. It’s important to consider all the factors mentioned above to help you move further along in your decision-making process and find a greenhouse that meets all of your wants and needs.

If you need any help picking out the greenhouse that’s right for you, don’t panic-we’re here to help! Contact us today to get your garden started!

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  • How is the greenhouse heated in winters. Is the heating system included in price?

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