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Growing Cannabis: Outdoor vs Indoor Greenhouse Production

Maintaining a steady, warm environment is an important part of growing your cannabis stock. Whether you choose to grow them indoors or outdoors, you should know what works best to start growing some quality cannabis. 

Here, we’ll provide some information on growing cannabis indoors versus growing it outdoors. We’ll also give you reasons to consider Planta Greenhouses - a small commercial greenhouse provider in Canada - as your choice to get started.

We also handle greenhouse kit sales in Ontario to serve a growing clientele interested in harvesting their own seeds and plants.


Growing Outdoors

When you grow anything outdoors, you risk exposing your privacy to other people and your cannabis plants to the elements. Bugs, wild animals, and the weather can greatly affect the growth of your plants and are essentially out of your control. When it’s too rainy, your plants can get overwatered and will die if they are exposed to freezing or too-hot temperatures. So you’ll need to find a way to balance all these factors in order for your cannabis plants to thrive. 


Growing in a Greenhouse

One of the perks of indoor growing is that it gives you more control and certainty. The process can be relatively cheap and you’ll be able to harness more heat and light to benefit your cannabis plants. It’s also easy to install fans to control the hot air and water systems to effectively keep your plants moist and hydrated. 

You will be 100% responsible for your cannabis plants in this setting and a great greenhouse gives you the agency and satisfaction of maintaining your stock. 


Why You Should Choose Planta

Planta Greenhouse kits are the perfect choice for the commercial growth of cannabis plants. Our greenhouses are a compact and practical solution to protecting your plants all season long and our outstanding design makes it the most durable and versatile product in the market. Made in Europe, we use heavy-duty panels and galvanized steel frames to produce a well-functioning product. Our greenhouses provide complete protection against UV rays, can extend beyond 100 feet, and required little maintenance. 

You’ll need a tough greenhouse for any commercial farming and our line of products can protect your cannabis plants from the elements of the season. It can hold a snow load of up to 450 kilograms and can face wind resistance of up to 26 miles per second. 


Our Greenhouses

Smart engineering and impressive design standards are the hallmarks of our many greenhouses. We have six main designs to choose from but we’d like to focus on the best options for the commercial growth of your cannabis plants. 

For starters, our Planta Farmer Greenhouses are perfect for the commercial cultivation of agricultural crops. The frames are made of a special galvanized steel and its arched shape provides an ideal space for growing cannabis. Check out our three main kits to see what works best for you. 

The Planta Sungrow is a heavy-duty greenhouse made to withstand the harsh Canadian climate and can fend off heavy loads of snow and heavy winds. While it’s designed for backyard farming, these greenhouses allow more light and heat inside to properly maintain your plants. Choose from our selection of four models to find the best greenhouse. 


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