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2-in-1 Phoenix Greenhouse Heater & Cooler 2800 W / 9554 BTUs

Do you want to keep your greenhouse plants at an ideal temperature? Do you want to extend your planting season beyond the dark days of winter? Or perhaps, you’d like to cool off your plants and give them a break from the hot summer heat. With a Phoenix Greenhouse Heater & Cooler, you can ensure your garden has optimal growing conditions all year round.


  • Three heating outputs (3 heat output options: 1 kW, 1.8 kW, 2.8 kW) keep your greenhouse snug during wintertime.
  • Integrated cooling ventilation system to refresh your plants on hot summer days (163 m³/h and 460 m³/h air circulation). 
  • Frost detection function ensures your plants will survive even the coldest nights.
  • Comes with hanging chains and floor mounting brackets for effortless installation.
  • Includes a High Tech Capillary Thermostat (0-26°C / -32 F - 79 F) so you can easily monitor the climate inside.
  • Energy-saving features and a 240 V, 60 Hz Power connection make this heater very inexpensive to operate.
  • Very quiet, smooth-running fan (53 W/ 180 BTUs Power) so you can tend to your plants without the added noise.
  • With a splash-proof IPX4 rating, this heater is as durable as it is functional.
  • Easily reposition the heater throughout your greenhouse with an extended 6.2 ft cable length.
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