Explore Planta's heavy-duty greenhouses, our kits are ideal for Colorado backyards.

Featuring galvanized frames built to withstand harsh weather conditions. The greenhouse kits can be customized in length. Learn more why Planta Greenhouses are loved by thousands of raving fans around Colorado.

Smart Engineering, Impressive Design

By combining smart engineering with impressive design, Planta Greenhouses are one of the most durable and versatile greenhouse solutions on the market. Planta's greenhouses areextendable up to 100 feetand support accessories designed to suit all planting and growing needs. Planta greenhouses support one of thehighest snow and wind loads among all farming greenhouseson the market. Its heavy duty, rust, and snow resistant steel frame provides assurance that your crops will remainsafe even during the most extreme winter conditions.

Greenhouses Ideal For Colorado

Snow & Wind Resistant


Snow load up to 450 kg/m²

Farmer Greenhouses hold snow loads of 450 kg / m² and are maintenance free in the winter!


Wind resistance up to 26 m/s

Sturdy greenhouse construction that resists winds up to 26m/s

Planta Greenhouses is an ideal solution to gardening in Colorado all season. The outstanding design makes it the most durable and versatile greenhouse on the market for growing in Colorado's unique weather conditions.
  • Heavy Duty

    We use heavy duty 6mm Polycarbonate Panels on all models

  • Galvanized Steel

    Our heavy duty galvanized steel frames are durable as they are functional

  • Length Extension

    Greenhouses can be extended up to 100 feet in length.

  • UV Protection

    Planta Greenhouse Panels provide 100% protection against UV rays

  • Maintenance-free

    Our heavy duty galvanized steel frames are durable and rust-resistant

  • Made in Europe

    Planta Greenhouses are manufactured in Europe and exclusively imported