Just invest in a Planta

If you have ever started seeds in your window…You are going to end up with a Planta Greenhouse. Before you end up at Planta, you will try various other options. The wind and sun will ruin everything else you try. The thinner plastics and vinyls will shred. The aluminum frame will bend. You will waste lots of time and money. Probably squish some of your baby plants too.

Save yourself the heartache. Just invest in a Planta. It will be work to assemble but it is well worth the effort. If you have issues, Planta has the best customer experience I have ever had. The response is extremely fast and they are always trying to improve your experience. If you are looking for the sign to buy, THIS IS IT!!!! Buy this greenhouse! No regrets here.

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Sigma 32
Sigma 32
Size: 10' × 32' × 7'
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