Collection: Commercial Greenhouses

Explore the Farmer Greenhouse Series by Planta, where advanced commercial greenhouses meet the complex needs of modern agriculture. These robust greenhouses are designed for large-scale crop production, making them essential for farms focused on efficiency and high yield. Our range includes 3 diverse models – The Alpine, Everest, and Terra – each uniquely suited to different commercial farming requirements.

Commercial Greenhouses

These commercial greenhouses are crafted with special galvanized profiles, giving them a sleek, arched shape that enhances both their appearance and functionality. The sturdy construction, featuring arched girders connected with purlins and strong end structures, is engineered to withstand winds up to 24m/s.

Our greenhouses’ snow load capacity ranges impressively from 240 kg/m² (50 psf) to 480 kg/m² (98 psf), underscoring the durability of these structures in challenging weather conditions. Furthermore, using 10 mm Double-Wall Polycarbonate Panels and a rust-resistant, heavy-duty frame means these greenhouses are made to last.

Ease of use is a critical element in all of our designs. The Alpine and Terra feature convenient dual doors, while the Everest model offers enhanced accessibility with 2 doors and 2 double-door gates.

With sizes ranging from 26ft to 100ft, our greenhouses accommodate a broad spectrum of commercial farming needs. 

Each model in the Farmer Commercial Greenhouses Series is backed by a 10-year warranty, highlighting our dedication to quality and long-term durability. In addition, all of our greenhouses are extendable, allowing your space to evolve with your growing business.

Planta's Commercial Greenhouses are more than just spaces to grow; they're reliable, scalable partners in your agricultural venture, offering efficient solutions for large-scale farming needs.

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