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Step into the world of 3 or 4-season growing with the Planta Sigma Greenhouse, a top-tier choice for gardeners searching for high-quality backyard greenhouses. This arch-shaped, heavy-duty DIY greenhouse kit is designed for year-round gardening, bringing cutting-edge greenhouse technology straight to your backyard. It's an ideal match for beginner to advanced gardeners, transforming any space into a flourishing oasis.

Sigma Greenhouses

Crafted with a robust galvanized pipe frame and 6 mm double-wall polycarbonate panels, the Sigma Greenhouse ensures your garden is well-protected from the elements. These materials are vital in safeguarding against extreme weather, including snow, wind, and hail, while the UV protection in the polycarbonate panels keeps your plants healthy and thriving. This sturdy build is ideal for diverse climates, making it a reliable option for backyard greenhouse kits.

Installation of this DIY greenhouse kit is streamlined with detailed step-by-step videos and digital guides, catering to gardeners at all skill levels. Designed for adaptability, it can extend over 100ft, growing alongside your gardening aspirations. The spacious 7ft roof and end-to-end ventilation promise a comfortable, breezy environment for all your gardening activities, making it a reliable, low-maintenance option in the world of backyard greenhouses.

Investing in our Sigma backyard greenhouse kits is a gateway to a community of passionate growers. It's a hit among gardeners from the frosty tundra of the Northwest Territories to the sunny beaches of Florida, proving its versatility in any setting. By choosing the Sigma, you're not just buying a greenhouse; you're joining a network of enthusiastic gardeners, sharing insights and experiences through our exclusive Facebook group.

The Planta Sigma Greenhouse is more than just a hobby greenhouse; it's a perfect blend of style, strength, and sustainability, promising the year-round joy of harvesting homegrown fruits and vegetables in your own backyard.

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