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Elevate your home gardening experience with Planta Greenhouses, where our backyard greenhouses are crafted with an unparalleled commitment to strength and durability. At Planta, we recognize the passion and dedication that goes into home gardening, which is why our DIY greenhouse kits are thoughtfully designed to blend robust construction with ease of use. 

Bestselling Backyard Greenhouses

These kits are perfect for gardeners of all skill levels, from those just starting out to seasoned green thumbs.

Backyard Greenhouses

Our backyard greenhouse kits feature heavy-duty materials and smart design choices, ensuring they stand strong against diverse weather conditions, from heavy snow to high winds. This durability means your garden is well-protected throughout the year, regardless of your climate. The thoughtful inclusion of features like UV-protected polycarbonate panels further safeguards your plants, enhancing their growth and health.

User-friendliness is at the heart of our design philosophy. We ensure that setting up and maintaining our greenhouses is straightforward, with comprehensive guides and support. This approach opens up the world of greenhouse gardening to everyone, from complete beginners to experienced horticulturists. Our backyard greenhouse kits are also adaptable and can expand in size to meet the evolving needs of your garden.

Choosing a Planta Greenhouse means joining a community of like-minded gardening enthusiasts. Our customers, spread across diverse regions from chilly northern areas to sun-soaked southern states, share a common joy in nurturing their gardens. Through our platforms, gardeners connect, share experiences, and learn from each other, enriching the collective gardening journey.

Planta’s DIY greenhouse kits cater to a wide array of gardening aspirations, whether you aim to cultivate your own food or enrich your space with a diverse collection of plants. Our backyard greenhouses are a perfect fusion of functionality and convenience, crafted to enhance your gardening journey.

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