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Sungrow 26

Size: 10' × 26' × 8'

Imagine having a beautiful garden that continues to flourish after the warm glow of summer has faded — a place where you and your plants are safe from the thundering storms outside. A hidden oasis to show off your green thumb without the limitations of the seasons, where you can grow zesty fruits and spicy peppers regardless of where you live in the world.


One of the strongest greenhouses in the world: heavy-duty materials, more weather-resistant, and with a decade-long warranty.

  • New door window handles and metal trims
  • Wind resistant up to 65 mph for those living in gusty climates.
  • Withstands a snow load of up to 6 feet (75 psf), making it perfect for areas with harsh winters.
  • Made with a heavy-duty galvanized steel frame and strong polycarbonate panels.
  • Bell-shaped design - the wind, snow, and hail just slide off the sides.
  • Extendable beyond 100ft - so you can expand your greenhouse when you're ready.
  • Maintenance-free means more time to focus on your garden.
  • 10-year warranty because our greenhouse is undeniably durable.
Backorder now - will be available Sep/Oct 2021
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