If I Order Today, What's The Lead Time?

Generally, the lead time for delivery is 1-2 weeks for most areas in the US and Canada.

  • 1-3 business days for processing.
  • 1-8 business days for shipping.

If you would like to extend the shipping period, you can select your preferred shipping date during checkout.

To do this, navigate to your cart and proceed to the checkout. On the shipping page, you will have the option to choose your preferred shipping date.

Will The Greenhouse Fit In My Car?

The Planta Greenhouse boxes are designed to fit in most standard vans and pickup trucks. However, we recommend verifying the dimensions and weight of the boxes to be certain.

To do so, navigate to the page of the greenhouse you're interested in. Then, scroll down and click on the 'Shipping' tab. There, you can view the dimensions and weight of the boxes. Use this information to calculate whether the boxes will fit in your vehicle.

How Do I Find The Terminal Closest To Me?

To find the closest terminal, first, navigate to your cart. Then proceed to the checkout. Ensure that your shipping address is accurate.

Next, click on 'Change Pickup Location' to view all terminals near your area. Finally, select a pin to change the pickup terminal.

Where Do I Find A Breakdown Of Dimensions And Boxes?

To find a breakdown of dimensions, navigate to the page of the greenhouse you're interested in. Scroll down and click on the 'Shipping' tab. There, you will find detailed information about the number of boxes, dimensions, and weight. Further down the page, you can also view the information in a convenient table format.

Where are your shipping and returns policies?

View our complete shipping details and full return policy in the links provided.

Do you ship to PO boxes?

We do not ship to PO boxes, as in most cases, you will be required to sign for your package upon arrival.

How long does shipping take?

Generally, orders are prepared in 24 to 48 weekday hours and are shipped within 2-4 business days. We will provide the name and contact information of the carrier and the tracking number of the shipment, as shipping timeframes may vary by location.

How much does shipping cost?

Most shipments throughout Canada and the USA are between $250 - $450. However, shipping costs will be calculated depending on your location and the size and weight of your order. 

Which locations does Planta ship to?

We offer shipping across all of Canada and the USA (including Alaska & Hawaii).


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do! Planta Greenhouses has partnered with Affirm and PayBright to offer our customers a variety of short and long-term payment plans. Select this option at checkout to see the installments and timeframes available for you.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover). In addition, we work with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shopify Pay, and Paypal.


What type of base/foundation is the best for me?

This can vary depending on your location, gardening plans, and desired aesthetic. To better understand the different options available, you can find several different types of greenhouse bases, information, and pictures posted by Planta Greenhouse owners on our Customer Stories page and our Planta Facebook page. Additionally, you can learn more about it on our Greenhouse Bases blog.

Is there support after purchase?

Absolutely! Our after-sales customer service team is available to answer any questions and support you on your greenhouse journey. You can fill out our contact form or give us a call at 1 (877) 669-1286.

What resources are available to assist with greenhouse installation?

We offer several resources to help you with the installation process:

  1. Bilt App: Downloadable on the Apple Store and Google Play, it provides digitized step-by-step instructions.
  2. YouTube videos: A series of detailed video tutorials to guide you through the installation process.
  3. Printed Manual: Comes included with your greenhouse.
  4. Blog: Explore our blog for valuable insights such as "Expert Advice: 9 Tips For Installing Sungrow Greenhouses With Ease!"
  5. Customer-Only Facebook Group: Connect with other customers for valuable installation tips.

If you still need assistance, our customer service is ready to help via phone or email.


What's The Difference Between The Sigma and The Sungrow?

To discover the differences between the Sigma and Sungrow, navigate to our detailed comparison article comparison article.

Is My Greenhouse Currently In Stock?

If the website allows you to 'Add to Cart' and does not indicate 'Backorder,' it means the item is currently available in stock.

If an item is not currently in stock, you will either see 'Sold Out' or an option to 'Backorder' it for a future date.

Where are Planta Greenhouses manufactured?

Our greenhouses are made in Europe and are customized for the North American climate.

We have a network of partners, each specializing in their respective industries. The parts that make up the greenhouse come from various countries including Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Germany and Turkey.

What happens if the winds exceed the amount that the greenhouse withstands?

The wind resistance of the greenhouse can be improved by setting up the greenhouse on a solid base foundation. If you're expecting higher winds, it is strongly recommended to double-check the strapping of the greenhouse that holds the panels and retighten them as they tend to loosen, especially after strong winds and winter time. Ensure the straps are secured correctly according to the instructions in the installation videos.

How can I connect with other greenhouse owners?

We have a closed Facebook Group for Planta Greenhouse owners and curious shoppers alike! This is the perfect place to connect with other greenhouse owners, share experiences, and discover different tips & tricks for growing with your Planta greenhouse.

How much snow can Planta Greenhouses hold?

Solid construction ensures that our strongest greenhouses can withstand a snow load of up to 75 psf (360 kg / m²). This equals 6 feet of fresh snow or 3 feet of packed snow. Please note that snow loads do vary depending on the model. 

How wind resistant are Planta Greenhouses?

Our greenhouses are incredibly sturdy and can withstand wind speeds up to 65mph (100 km/h), depending on the model.

Are all of your greenhouses UV-protected?

Absolutely! The double-wall polycarbonate panels we use across our different models provide 100% protection against UV rays.

What materials are your greenhouses made from?

All of our greenhouse models are designed with heavy-duty galvanized steel frames and 6 or 10mm double wall polycarbonate panels. 

Customization Options

May I heat my greenhouse with fire pits or similar?

You can use any heating source inside, like electricity, gas, propane, and even wood. It may be tricky to heat with wood, as you want to ensure that you keep the stove/pit away from the panels to prevent them from melting or burning if they are too close to the fire source. In this case, the customers ideally would want to come up with an exhaust system, making sure it’s not in contact with the panels, for being a flammable material.

Is hanging plants, heaters, and hammocks safe from my greenhouse frame? How much weight does it handle without affecting the guarantee?

It is safe to hang plants and accessories on a Sungrow greenhouse since each internal reinforcement arch can withstand up to 100 lbs/45.3 Kg. On the Sigma series, you can pre-drill the holes on the framing and hang small things. We would not suggest hanging anything heavier than 5 – 10 lbs / 2.2 – 4.5 Kg per arch.

How can I customize my greenhouse?

The customization possibilities are truly endless with a Planta Greenhouse. To help you get started, take a look through “16 Ways to Supercharge Your Greenhouse” on our blog. 

Can I get a longer greenhouse?

Most of our residential and commercial greenhouses are extendable up to 100ft. Learn more about our extension kits for both the Sungrow and Sigma models.

Can I add my own vents, fans, heaters, and lights?

Of course! The polycarbonate is very easy to work with, and the galvanized steel frame is strong enough to support any additional accessories.