We are retired and this has been wonderful to put our time into

What made you get a Planta Greenhouse?
Loved how it looked and we felt they knew what they were doing. We needed one that could withstand our winters too.

What competitors did you consider before purchasing from Planta Greenhouses?
We were looking at the softer plastic and even just row covers.

Why did you choose to buy from Planta Greenhouses?
They were a No Pressure kind of company and they just looked well built.

What do you grow inside your greenhouse?
We grow tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, basil, thyme, melon, cucumber, zucchini, onions, beets, many different kinds of lettuce, beans, carrots, radishes, and more.

How did your Planta Greenhouse improve your gardening experience?
At first, I thought I knew a lot about gardening but this greenhouse showed me I had a lot more to learn. Before, we had a lot of critters eating our food and we mostly just let the rain water the plants. Now the food is ours and I’m learning about fertilizer and air temp and more.

What was your experience like buying from Planta Greenhouses?
Buying from Planta greenhouse was very easy. It came when they said it would. They had videos to watch to put it together, etc.

What's your favorite thing about the Planta Greenhouse?
My favorite thing about the greenhouse is that the gardens are protected from the elements and we can control the climate inside.

What would you say to a person considering purchasing a Planta Greenhouse?
Do it!!!

Anything else you’d like to add?
We are retired and this has been wonderful to put our time into.

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