This greenhouse has shown how sturdy it is with F1 tornado winds

We recently purchased the Planta Sungrow Compact and just recently completed building it. It was a little bit of a challenge building it but the YouTube videos helped a lot. These greenhouses are said to withstand 65 mph winds. Well, 2 days after we completed building this greenhouse, an F1 tornado came through our neighborhood. Luckily our property didn’t get hit but we did have 80 mph winds and that greenhouse is still standing proud and it took a beating from the wind and tree limbs hitting it. I love this greenhouse and has shown how sturdy it is with F1 tornado winds. We are now getting ready to build the raised bed that will go in it. Highly recommend this companies greenhouses.

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Sungrow Compact
Sungrow Compact
Size: 10' × 6.5' × 8 '
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