FAQs Sungrow automatic ventilation window

What greenhouse models can this window fit?

The Sungrow Ventilation Windows will only be compatible with Sungrow Greenhouse models.

How big is the window?

The Sungrow Ventilation Window is exactly 3 ft wide by 1.4 ft tall (91.4 cm by 42.6 cm).

What is the window made out of?

The roof ventilation windows are made of the same material as your Planta Greenhouse: shatter-resistant polycarbonate and strong, galvanized steel.

How many roof Ventilation windows are recommended for the greenhouse?

We strongly recommend installing an even amount of roof ventilation windows so that you can place at least one on each side of the greenhouse. 

Can I add windows for my greenhouse later?

Yes, Roof Ventilation windows work as an add-on and can be installed only once the greenhouse installation is complete.

How do the Automatic Ventilation Windows work?

The Automatic Ventilation Window does not require any batteries or electricity. The heat-activated mechanism will open/close the window once a certain temperature is reached.

What are the opening and maximum opening temperatures for the Automatic Windows?

The starting opening temperature is between 17°C and 25°C (62.60°F and 77°F), and the maximum opening temperature is at 30 °C (86°F).

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