Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to pre-qualify with Affirm?

When you go through the pre-qualification process, you’ll only receive an estimate of how much money you can spend with Affirm. You’re under no obligation to use the full amount, and you’re not required to pay anything back until making a purchase.

Will purchasing with Affirm affect my credit score?

Simply creating an Affirm account and checking if you pre-qualify for your purchase won’t affect your credit score. However, your credit score may be impacted by your payment history with Affirm, purchasing with Affirm, the amount of credit you’ve used, and how long you’ve had credit with them.

Will I be charged any fees with Affirm?

There are absolutely no extra fees for Affirm’s financing services! That means you won’t have to deal with any late payment penalties, prepayment fees, annual costs, or account opening and closing fees.

How much interest will I pay?

Affirm’s interest rates can vary between 0% and 30% APR (Annual Percentage Rate). Your payment plan may contain different interest levels depending on the size of your purchase and the length of repayment. However, you’ll never pay more interest than you’ve agreed to at the checkout.

How do I make payments?

Making payments is easy! Just use the Affirm app or head to to schedule or manually make payments each month.

Do I need a mobile phone to use Affirm?

Yes, Affirm does require a phone number from the USA or US territories to help verify your identity.

Can I pay off my purchase early?

Absolutely! Affirm doesn’t charge any penalties for early repayments.

Where can I learn more information?

You can visit for support and more information about this service.

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