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What materials are your greenhouses made from?

All of our greenhouse models are designed with heavy-duty galvanized steel frames and 6 or 10mm double wall polycarbonate panels. 

Are all of your greenhouses UV-protected?

Absolutely! The double-wall polycarbonate panels we use across our different models provide 100% protection against UV rays.

How wind resistant are Planta Greenhouses?

Our greenhouses are incredibly sturdy and can withstand wind speeds up to 65mph (100 km/h), depending on the model.

How much snow can Planta Greenhouses hold?

Solid construction ensures that our strongest greenhouses can withstand a snow load of up to 75 psf (360 kg / m²). This equals 6 feet of fresh snow or 3 feet of packed snow. Please note that snow loads do vary depending on the model.