How to Build a Concrete Raised Perimeter Base for Your Greenhouse

Building a concrete perimeter could require tools you don’t have handy at home and a bit more expertise. The height of a raised perimeter may vary from 1 to 2 feet depending on your site and how tall you want it, as the greenhouse will be set on top of it. 

This wall-type foundation will make your greenhouse the centrepiece of your outdoor space. 

1. Mark The Footing

Mark the corners with stakes, and dig a trench where the greenhouse will be sitting. Make sure that the base is solid and even.

Go down with the trench about 8 inches and 1 foot wide for the footing. 

Customer Image Michigan USA

2. Stack The Blocks

Pour concrete into the trench, start stacking the blocks on top, and fill them up with concrete. You want the blocks to be well levelled so you can use a wooden frame and a level device to make this task easier.

Customer Images Barre Massachusetts

3. Finish The Coating

After stacking all the blocks at the desired height, you can put the finish coat on top. It also can be finished with stonework, brickwork, or any other material to suit your patio décor. 

Customer Image Quebec Canada 

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