How to Build a Wooden Perimeter Base for Your Greenhouse

This is one of the most common bases among our Planta greenhouses customers because it is easy to build and will last a lifetime if built with the correct materials.

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1. Choose The Materials

You can choose between two options: pressure-treated wood or naturally resistant wood, like cedar, redwood, or black locust.

2. Build The Wooden Frame 

Once you’ve chosen the wood, make a 6-inch width perimeter base in the measurements of your greenhouse. Use 6x6 timbers preferably. You can start by laying out the frame on the floor before attaching the ends. Use a carpenter’s square to make sure you have the right 45 degrees angle in each corner and intersection, and level it both vertically and horizontally.

Customer Image Michigan USA

The wooden frame must be fixed to the ground. An easy way to do this is to drill holes in the wood, use 2-4' rebar between each 2-foot section and hammer them straight into the ground. These should be below the frost line.


This will support most residential greenhouses.


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3. Assemble The Greenhouse

After building your wooden frame to match your greenhouse measurements, it’s time to sit the metal base on. Screw the fastening bands to the wood base as low as you can go, remember you need to be able to adequately tighten the ridge straps, and allow for further tightening later as needed.


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