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Stepping into the world of greenhouses or just expanding and adding a new one to your repertoire can involve a lot of research and consideration. Available space? Ideal crops? Local weather? The life span of the greenhouse? Expansions down the line? And there are even more things to consider.



Planta is here to answer all your questions and concerns and more! Providing a fantastic greenhouse sale in Ontario, Planta is one of the best commercial greenhouse manufacturers in Canada.


First Of All; Planning And Site Layout 

Before you start shopping around you need to know what you want. Things like which crops, if they’ll be year-long, planted in beds or troughs, how much space is needed, how much you can afford to give up for the greenhouse, and more all weigh on the decision. There are also regulations associated with a greenhouse that you will have to keep in mind, zoning laws and building codes can limit you or change what you can work with depending on your situation. 

Site layout may make you just think of zoning laws but things like location, orientation, and accessibility come into play as well. Especially for any shipping usage, it’s very important for it to be easily accessible and have enough space for loading and unloading. Expansions should also come into mind with this too, if the available space can only just fit the greenhouse and needed parking or loading then there will be no room for any expansions or revisions to the area.


Picking The Right Greenhouse For You

Now that you know what you’re working with next its time to decide on a greenhouse. Once again many factors can come into play but because you know your crop(s), available space, and more it will make the decision much easier. Whether you aim for a freestanding greenhouse, gutter connected greenhouse and specifics of glazing, layout, any additional features. 

Freestanding greenhouses have the benefit of being easy to prep the site and erect. They are perfectly fit for even heavily snowy months and because they are stand-alone any additions or extensions are easier to add later on as well. Glazing can affect how much sun your crops and depending on if you are going year-round or just seasonal its important to consider how much sunlight you’ll get during winter and summer.


Environment Control

Speaking of growing during winter along with the crops getting their necessary sunlight heat is equally a factor. Depending on the crop, if it’s tropical or not, heating can be a big factor in how well they will do. A hot water boiler, Floor heating, and on the opposite side; cooling with ventilation, louvre system are important as well. Whether you need to focus more on heating or cooling a great thing for each is to have a horizontal airflow (HAF) system to help you maintain a uniform temperature throughout. 

We all know that with heating and cooling comes electrical bill worries, finding the best way to converse energy can be the difference between a high costly bill and one where it almost feels like too good of a deal! Things like double glazing, insulation, and shade screens can help to keep heat in or out and minimize your electric bill.


Commercial Greenhouse Manufacturers, Canada

Now you know your perfect greenhouse it’s shopping time! Planta offers a great variety of stand-alone greenhouses in a variety of sizes with the ability to take on expansions and additions easily to adapt to your specific needs! Reach out now to start talking greenhouses and get started on owning your very one greenhouse.


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