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Growing the best produce in your own backyard should be the goal of all amateur gardeners this summer. However, your garden may not be safe all the time and your progress can be stopped by nature’s elements. That’s why you should invest in a durable greenhouse to protect your crop and help your garden thrive. 



Planta Greenhouses is one of the best commercial greenhouse manufacturers in Canada. Our high quality products offer a compact and practical solution to gardening all season long. We have some of the fairest commercial greenhouse costs in Canada and have serviced both residential and commercial clients. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our greenhouses, call our toll-free number at 1-(877)-669-1286 now. We’ll go over some of our best products, some quick maintenance tips, and why our Planta greenhouses are the right choice for your budding garden. 

Planta’s Best Greenhouses in the Market

At Planta, we have some of the best, durable greenhouses on the market. Imported and manufactured from Europe, our greenhouses can handle heavy duty weather and provide 100% UV protection for your crops, delivering only the most appropriate amounts of sunlight for them. 

Our greenhouses are constructed by the most durable galvanized steel that is functional and able to withstand anything that comes its way. Moreover, you won’t have to maintain them all that often, as our greenhouses are very tough and can handle strong winds, rust, and heavy snow.  

Unique Greenhouses Offered at Planta

Planta offers a variety of different greenhouses suited for a diverse set of purposes. They can be used for both residential and commercial farming. Their compact and robust design make them ideal for use in your backyard or a large field. 

One example is our Sungrow greenhouses, which has a modern, heavy duty design with a circular surrounding to protect your garden inside. It can support up to 6 ft of snow and withstand 100 km/h winds. 

If the Sungrow isn’t your style, you can also select our Sigma greenhouses if you’d like to do some gardening in limited space. This is great for growing a single quantity of flowers, fruits, or veggies that you want to protect from the other crops.

If you need something larger for your operations, you can rely on our huge Planta Farmer for your commercial cultivation needs. The arched shape and girders will give your crops plenty of space, air, sun, and water to grow properly. 

For more smaller gardens, you can also choose our Astra mini greenhouses to grow your crop from. Its heavy duty and cold frame keeps your crop growing as scheduled and is perfect for a small, backyard garden. 

Whatever greenhouse you need for whichever purpose, Planta Greenhouse has you covered with some accessories like ventilation windows and indoor heaters to add in as well. 


Why Planta Greenhouses is the Perfect Choice

All our greenhouses are made and designed to be the most durable and versatile products on the market. Our greenhouses are unique in that they utilize smart engineering and innovative design through their extendable length and adaptability. They can also handle some of the heaviest snow and wind loads that other greenhouses fail to do. 

We’ve been in the market for a number of years now and can safely say that our greenhouses are worth the price you pay for. It’s made for heavy duty tasks and is essentially rust and snow free when the weather turns bad. You can relax knowing that your garden and crops are being protected by a very excellent greenhouse. 

So whether you're searching for heavy-duty Backyard Greenhouse Kits Ontario or dependable greenhouses for sale in British Columbia – Planta Greenhouses will find the best solution for. you.

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