Commercial Greenhouse Manufacturers, Canada - How Do I Manage My Greenhouse in the Summer?

Summer is almost here and it’s time for your greenhouse to look its best!

Planta is a trusted commercial greenhouse manufacturer in Canada with the expertise to help you prepare for the soaring temperatures. 

Thinking about buying a new greenhouse or replacing your old one? Our urban greenhouse designs are just what you need. They’re sleek, affordable, and can hold their own against the harshest of weather. We have a very wide selection.




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Start By Closely Monitoring Temperatures

The first step is to install a thermometer in your structure to keep tabs on how hot it really is. As soon as you notice the temperatures rising above the regular standard, water your plants and move the more sensitive produce away from the direct glare of the sun. 

Damping Down Your Commercial Greenhouse

This is a great little trick in the greenhouse biz, meant to increase humidity levels within the structure. Owners typically wipe down surfaces such as paths and staging material with a wet cloth, squeegee or watering jar. This allows the plants and crops to stay cool as evaporation takes place over time. A huge perk is that this method will also ward off pests as they do not thrive in humid climates. 

Invest in the Right Shade and Ventilation

Different plants, fruit and crops have very different requirements. While you do have to take this into account, along with the climate in your local area, we suggest investing in a shading cloth of specialized paint in your greenhouse to protect your crops against UV rays as much as possible. 

Apart from this, you could also look into side and roof ventilation best practices. Fans and vents are a great way to improve circulation and give your plants a little breathing room. Be sure to switch off any HAF fans as these will combat the natural ventilation. 

Planta’s greenhouses are manufactured with all these needs in mind. Our collection is fitted with the highest-grade parts to protect your produce against the sun, wind and rain. They are unique due to their extendable length and highly adaptable design to suit all your urban gardening needs.

Other Best Practices

  • Plan ahead! Think about crop rotations. Your winter crops should be produced and your summer vegetables in place by the time the steamy weather rolls in.
  • Get your greenhouse fitted with the essentials: electric fans, a shade cloth, evaporative cooler, etc. 
  • If the weather forecast predicts extremely high temperatures, leave your vents open in the morning and water your plants to ensure that the roots don’t dry out at the risk of ruining them. 

The First Step? Invest in a High-Quality Commercial Greenhouse!

Planta greenhouses can take one of the highest sun, snow and wind loads among all greenhouse kits on the market. Its heavy-duty, rust, and snow resistant steel frame ensure that your garden will remain safe even during the most extreme winter conditions.

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