Converting Your Greenhouse From Winter to Spring: 5 Tips to Maximize Your Harvest

As winter is slowly ending, the warmth of spring is felt in the air. The days get longer, there’s less snow on the ground and the temperature is significantly warmer. You carefully prepared your greenhouse for the winter snow in Canada and have successfully harvested your crops to fruition. 

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Planta provides small commercial greenhouses in Canada that will satisfy your green thumb and your green garden. Our range of structures varies from personal compact greenhouses to industrial-sized commercial structures. We want to help you ensure that your crops and plants are thriving all year-round, including during changes of the seasons.

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We offer the highest-quality greenhouses in the agricultural market that enables all of our clients’ harvest to grow healthy. Our snow and wind resistant greenhouses are heavy-duty and manufactured with galvanized steel. Aside from strong structural elements, Planta greenhouses are UV protected and maintenance-free so you can have a stress-free harvest experience. 

How You Can Transition Your Greenhouse From Winter to Spring

As we are approaching spring season, it’s crucial to get your greenhouse prepared and ready for the heightened temperatures, increased sunlight and an upsurge of insects. We help you combat all the factors that can potentially ruin your greenhouse harvest.

The transition from winter to spring can be dangerous to your crops, but risks of seeds drying out and crops dying can be prevented with these next 5 steps:

🌻 Use Shade Netting

Spring sun rays will be more powerful than winter rays, so it’s important to protect your crops from harsh exposure. Shade netting provides just enough shade to shield your harvest but still let enough sunlight in to allow growth.

🌻 Add Greenhouse Vents

Fungal diseases are among the top reasons why harvests are not successful. Fungal diseases happen due to a lack of clean oxygen that arises from poor airflow. Air vents will ensure that air circulates continually, preventing fungal infections from occurring. Two vents on the roof and two vents on the side would be ideal.

🌻 Investigate for Insects

Spring is in the air and so will the number of bugs. Plants, flowers and crops will attract insects as the warmer air approaches and you should be prepared. Recording particular pests patterns, such as what insect is attracted to what plant, can combat a potential infestation leading to widespread erosion of your harvest. By being proactive with insect patterns, your greenhouse will have a much higher chance of surviving.

🌻 Clean Your Greenhouse

It is highly advised to completely clear the winter clutter that might have accumulated during the winter months. Disinfecting shelves, windows and all other surfaces will prevent old mildew and compost from ruining new seeds. A fresh and tidy greenhouse will lead way to a new harvest to grow in a healthy environment.

🌻 Installing Fans

Spring will bring on sunnier and heated conditions, and your greenhouse should accommodate the changes in humidity. Installing fans will cool down your structure and eliminate loss of humidity that can potentially wilt your harvest. Plants ingest more nutrients and water as day durations increase and it’s important to maintain a levelled temperature that is appropriate for their growth.

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Planta Greenhouses has helped happy customers all across Canada including Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. We are your practical and efficient answer to all your planting needs and are happy to answer all your greenhouse questions. 

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