How Does Planta Greenhouse Hold Up To The Strong Winds In The Colorado Area?

Weather Conditions in Colorado

Colorado presents the most challenging conditions for gardening enthusiasts.

Colorado has diverse climatic conditions characterized by hot sunny months, ferocious storms, high winds, and driving rain, tornadoes, snow, and even droughts. 

The high altitude in Colorado doesn’t make the weather any favourable for gardening since temperatures dip significantly.



How Are Planta’s Greenhouses Designed to Withstand Strong Winds?

The wind is a major consideration in the design and construction of Planta greenhouses. The design and build of our greenhouses make them ideal for the Colorado climate

Factors such as site exposure, height, and shape of a greenhouse, roof shape, and slope determine the wind load that a greenhouse can withstand without sustaining damage. 

The design and shape of our greenhouses make them wind-resistant. The rounded bell shape of our greenhouses makes them streamlined allowing wind to flow over the structure rather than meet an obstacle. 

What makes the greenhouse withstand the strong winds is the polycarbonate panels. We are using premium quality double-walled, UV-protected polycarbonate panels for all of our products (6mm thickness for all Residential greenhouses and 10mm for the Commercial products).

Once the greenhouse framing is assembled, the polycarbonate does not just clip to the structure but is actually attached with screws to give additional sturdiness. 

Furthermore, metal fastening bands cover most of our Residential greenhouses (Sungrow and Sigma) which put pressure on the polycarbonate panels and prevent the strong wind from catching the cover of the greenhouse and causing any damage to it!

Thanks to the polycarbonate panels, the Planta greenhouse can stand up to wind speeds of up to 63 miles per hour (100 kilometres per hour) as well as small hail on the harsh mountainsides common in Colorado. 

Our greenhouses have a high wind rating making them ideal for windy Colorado. As a rule of thumb, the higher the wind rating, the greater the wind speed your greenhouse can withstand.


Smart Greenhouse Positioning

Even with Planta’s strong wind resistance, we recommend installing the Planta greenhouse in a location on the leeward side of your house, garage, or hedgerow. Such a location shields it from high winds since these features slow the speed of the wind. Position your greenhouse so that the doors face away from the direction of the wind. 

During strong winds, close the windows and doors in the greenhouse to avoid damage to your plants. 

Heavy Snow Load

Additionally, the greenhouse can hold up to 180 pounds of snow. The bell- shape eliminates any large perpendicular sidewalls that act as an obstacle. Snow will slip off the surface of the greenhouse rather than accumulate and cause damage.



Other factors to ensure your greenhouse stands up to high winds

  • Indestructible heavy-duty galvanized steel frame and polycarbonate panels
  • Seals and rubber glazing installed around doors, windows, and corners/edges keep the wind from blowing in and causing damage. Ensure that the rubber glazing is in good condition through regular inspection.
  • Check that vents, windows, and doors close snugly and securely to keep out the wind. The force of the wind is multiplied two or three 
    • times more if it enters the greenhouse resulting in ripped-off sides and roof panels.
    • High tensile strength screws/bolts hold the joints and bracing together. Ensure all screws and nuts are tightened to prevent racking and possible damage due to strong winds. 
    • Properly anchor the Planta greenhouse onto a strong base. A concrete base/foundation will increase the wind bearing capacity of your greenhouse and extend its lifespan.
    • Remove loose objects on the outside of the greenhouse that becomes wind-borne missiles when a strong wind blows. Clean the area around the greenhouse and remove boxes, pieces of plywood, and branches that can damage the sidewalls.  
    • Immediately replace cracked, broken, or missing panels on your greenhouse to prevent further damage caused by high winds. 

    Choose the Planta greenhouses for a safe and protected space that facilitates gardening in Colorado throughout the year. No more worrying about strong winds and inclement weather.


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