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By the time winter arrives, your fall harvest is completed. Whether you have a portable or a commercial greenhouse, Planta is dedicated to helping you optimize your greenhouse. 

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We are an established portable and commercial greenhouse manufacturer in Canada that manufactures the most reliable and durable products on the market.

Our winter greenhouses can withstand the harsh Canadian conditions and withstand 26 m/s and 450kg/m². Planta has years of experience in the greenhouse industry and we can help you make the most out of your greenhouse this winter!

Benefits of a Year-Round Greenhouse

Maintaining a greenhouse year-round can have many advantages. Whether you have a green thumb or like the idea of producing your own food, here are some benefits to investing in a Planta greenhouse:

Multiple Purposes: You can change what you grow in it every season whether it’s organic vegetables, exotic plants or flowers. You can grow different types of plants if you choose to do so.

Save Money: You don’t have to spend money on flowers every spring! With a greenhouse, you can grow as many seeds as you want.

Ideal Environment: Any planted seed, whether it’s vegetables, herbs or flowers, need a climate that is warm and humid. You can control the atmosphere of your greenhouse so that your harvest can optimally grow.

Tips On How You Can Winterize Your Greenhouse

Canadian winters are not known for their warmth. Our greenhouses can help you grow healthy crops because we only construct units that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The optimal temperature for your greenhouse in the winter should be between 37F to 50F, depending on the seedling.

Here is what we suggest to make the most out of your greenhouse during frigid conditions:

Find a Sunny Location: Proper greenhouse placement can make the difference between growing your crops and your plants from freezing. Sunlight is crucial to keeping your harvest alive, as the Sun heats up the ground and air inside your unit. 

Position your greenhouse where it gets maximum sunlight, typically on the south or southside part of your property, and you have a lesser chance of your crops from freezing.

Keep it Warm During the Night: Due to no sunlight during the night, your greenhouse will become drastically cooler. Using artificial means of keeping your greenhouse warm is the best way of ensuring crops remain growing. 

  • Covering your plants at night with two layers of gardening cloth will keep the warmth from escaping.
  • Use horticulture bubble wrap insulation to prevent heat loss and block drafts. Lining it on the inner greenhouse walls and roof will reduce the risk of warm air escaping.
  • Implementing water storage jugs or barrels, depending on the size of your greenhouse, can help keep your unit warm even in the lowest temperatures. Water storage compartments absorb sunlight and release it back into the atmosphere at night.

Control the Humidity: High humidity in cold conditions creates a high risk of your crop dying. Condensation creates risks that endanger plant health that include fungi, mildew and mould. 

  • Don’t overwater your plants. Excess water brings additional humidity in the greenhouse that can increase your harvest from dying
  • Maximize airflow. Opening up the vents during the day helps circulate airflow and forces stale air to exit. 

Invest in a Winter Greenhouse Today - Start Planting Tomorrow

A greenhouse requires you to make an initial investment, but the money you spend will be returned to you in the long run. Aside from being eco-friendly and efficient, a greenhouse allows you to grow your own food and harvest. 

Planta offers compact and practical solutions to all your gardening queries across North America. Email us at and start your harvesting journey.

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