How to Grow For Success in the Winter: Which Plants and Crops Work Well During the Colder Months | Commercial Greenhouse Supplies

Winter can be a tough season no matter your climate in Canada, but some locations just forego growing anything at all because of reasons like heavy snowfall, minimal daylight, extremely cold temperatures, and more. With greenhouses and the proper tools and equipment backing you up, you don't have to skip winter anymore!



Turn to one of the trusted commercial greenhouse manufacturers in Canada to get top quality greenhouses and a team that understands your winter needs. By investing in commercial greenhouse supplies you can go from growing little to nothing during winter to having a full range of possible crop options.

Whether you want to get a jump start on spring or maybe draw fall out more to get a fuller crop yield, you can trust greenhouses to open a whole new world of harvesting and crop production.

Picking Your Crops

You know each plant and their ideal environment is different, no matter how prepared your greenhouse is some plants will just be harder to grow during winter because along with temperature requirements they have sunlight and soil needs. And attempting certain plants can have new challenges to combat against your natural winter. 

For more northern and snowy places its best to seek out more hardy plants or specific ones that go dormant during winter. Of course, going with native plants you can't go wrong as well, they are hardtuned for your exact environment. Some good options are spinach, carrots, collards,beets, onions, parsnips and more. 

Time to Winterize

Everyone knows “spring cleaning” but for greenhouse owners we have our own version before spring even begins. Most greenhouse owners have to winterize, whether you are growing during the winter or not. Cleaning up from the fall harvest is necessary, but also getting your greenhouse prepared for the snowfall so it, and any plants inside, can properly survive. 

While you clean, clear out leaves, roots, dirt and the like, and potentially scrub and disinfect your greenhouse and equipment it's a great idea to take advantage of your empty greenhouse to look it over. Perform a quick inspection and see if anything needs any replacing or repairing. This is especially important, because one crack or hole in your supposedly sealed greenhouse can have snow sneak in or cause  your plants damage by freezing during the winter.

Harvest With Efficiency

One common mistake, especially for people growing during the winter for the first time is trying to treat a winter harvest like summer or spring. When other seasons can yield in one big harvest at the same time, winter is best to approach it with the idea of spreading harvest over the whole season. This means doing a bit of scheduling, harvesting when you need to, and letting plants regrow if they can.

Many more experienced winter growers work to plan out the beds in rows and harvest one by one, letting each harvested row re-grow and re-populate periodically while others are being harvested. With this, while a seemingly smaller harvest each time, the harvests will add up and the cycle of fresh crops will last until spring jumps into action. And so with this, whether you are feeding your family or selling, you can provide a constant stream of crops throughout this colder season without leaving anyone wanting and waiting.

Grow All Year Round With a Great Greenhouse!

Growing through the winter may seem like an impossible dream, especially to many starting out in this field or more the inexperienced but with the right plan, approach, greenhouse, and tools its not only a possibility but totally viable to grow through the season!

Your crops deserve the best greenhouse, and Planta is more than ready to provide. Call us today to get started on making the right environment for your winter harvest.

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