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Many people agree that greenhouses are a great way to get the most out of your gardening or farming, easily ensuring success no matter what your goals might be. You can avoid the issues of pests eating your prized vegetables, insects snacking on beautiful flowers, and growing whenever without weather being a huge concern, even growing plants that are native to the area! 

Commercial Greenhouse

If you are looking for a high-quality greenhouse for sale in Ontario look not further than Planta. We provide greenhouses ready to stand up against any kind of weather and protect your precious plants, even selling winter greenhouse kits in Canada to help you throughout the difficult growing season. As commercial greenhouse manufacturers in Canada, we understand the need for only the best so you can rest assured that your crops are given the best environment possible to grow in.

Grow Past the Worries of Seasons! 

No matter if you are a seasoned farmer or beginner gardener seasons are always on your mind when it comes to growing. But by taking advantage of a greenhouse missing the ideal time in the season to plant your favourite fruits isn’t a worry anymore! Greenhouses let you extend your growing season, starting earlier or later to your liking, which lets you take control of your harvesting more than ever before.

Having a stable environment can cut stress for your plants and promote much stronger growth. Even if you’re still looking to plant outside, having seedlings start out in the greenhouse can give them a strong beginning to avoid the variability that can come with plants growing when they are at their most vulnerable.

Protected from Pests, Weather, and More

Heavy snowfall, rain, winds, gophers, pigeons, insects; the list is endless of what can potentially hurt all your hard work without notice. There are certain methods to protect against them all of course but they come with extra effort and annoyance on your part and sometimes even some not-so-nice effects for your plant’s growth. 

By being able to have a controlled environment by using a greenhouse means you don’t have to panic every time it suddenly freezes over or a storm picks up. It also expands your potential crops, letting you grow things not typically fit for your area’s climate, as long as you give it the extra bit of acre it needs then you can promote its growth and have a great harvest.

Utilize the Sunshine to its Max Potential! 

Greenhouses can capture the heat of the sun letting you get the most out of the sunny rays. Blackout curtains can be used to control cycles much easier, perfect for flowering, fruiting, and seeding cycles. And during harsher days using a diffuser is also an option so you can perfectly get the right amount of sun you want. 

Using The Growing Space To Its Full Potential 

With a greenhouse you can have a whole new area to work with, using sidewalls and trellising crops. You can even grow on multiple levels using benches and baskets to give you the most from the floor space.  Keeping plants in benches and baskets allows you to grow different crops or plants near side by side without worry about the soil not being a good fit. Of course now with a greenhouse you can grow year-round instead of having just a garden plot that is only seasonal. 

Ready to Start Off 2021 With a Beautiful Greenhouse?

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