Mauna Sway: Sustainable Luxury Patio Furniture

Meet Mauna Sway, a sustainable luxury outdoor patio furniture brand we’ve recently partnered with at Planta Greenhouses.

Mauna Sway uses Volcanic Basalt, a raw, infinite material, to thoughtfully craft their luxury outdoor lounge furniture. This ancient volcanic rock is incredibly durable and highly sustainable, making it a revolutionary and eco-friendly way to create natural outdoor patio furniture.

The technical complexity of weaving with this innovative material means that each of their outdoor chairs is handcrafted. This delicate process guarantees that every chair showcases exclusive designs with one-of-a-kind intricate lace patterns.

The final result is a beautiful, long-lasting, and remarkably versatile product. It is the perfect choice for those who wish to adapt seamlessly between indoor living and a luxury outdoor space.


Mauna Sway focuses on 3 key elements in the creation of their furniture:

  • Cutting-edge Design
    The elaborate process of working with volcanic rock means that each of their patio chairs is unique. This novel technique effortlessly brings timeless style and modern design to your outdoor living spaces.

  • Lifespan of 20-30 Years
    All of Mauna Sway's pieces of furniture are weather-resistant, strong, and long-lasting. The high-quality materials have a lifespan of 20-30 years and can withstand the most extreme conditions.

  • Sustainability
    Mauna Sway strives to use natural materials in all of its high-end outdoor furniture designs. Their international designers focus on impeccable quality with the planet's well-being as a high priority.


The wide variety of styles available in Mauna Sway's outdoor furniture collections means there's something for everyone's taste. Choose from hanging loungers, modular seating, and small tables to transform your outdoor space or the inside of your Planta Greenhouse. 

As an exclusive offer for our website visitors, take $100 off your first luxury outdoor chair from Mauna Sway with the code: Planta100.


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