The Benefits of a Planta Farmer Greenhouse | Commercial Greenhouses for Sale Canada

Choosing the right greenhouse for your situation can be tedious and daunting, different factors can come into play depending on your yields, climate, crop types and crop rotations.



It is important to make sure you are getting the best quality at the right price, that is why Planta is dedicated to providing top quality commercial greenhouses for sale in Canada. Giving you the best urban greenhouse design to match you and your crops’ needs.

Why Planta Greenhouses?

Planta focuses on having a solid collection of practical greenhouses with outstanding designs, making them some of the most versatile greenhouses on the market today. Planta knows Canadian weather like no other, making sure all our products are wind and snow resistant to hold up and thrive no matter the season.

Our greenhouses are unique because of the feature of an extendable length and highly adaptable design, fitting your needs and matching your crops perfectly. We make sure to never compromise on quality, functionality, or structural integrity aiming to give you the best greenhouses at the best prices.

Why the Farmer Series?

Farmer greenhouse come in 3 different varieties giving you variety and options depending on the size you need and the expected yields. Giving you the choice between a structure 25′ wide, 26′ long and 12.5′ high, 25′ wide, 48′ long and 12.5′ high, or 25′ wide, 98′ long and 12.5′ high without compromising on quality and functionality, making sure you get a quality greenhouse no matter the size of the plot of land.

But don’t even worry about size, our greenhouses are fully customizable and extendable with just the use of an additional extension kit. Letting your greenhouse grow along with your demand and business.

These greenhouses are specially made with a galvanized profile and an arched shape, giving you a heavy-duty frame with year-round stability ready for anything the climate throws at it. Arched girders connected with purling and end structures make them very sturdy as well.

Snow and wind are no worries for these greenhouses, holding a snow load up to 140 kg/m² and holding up to winds up to 24m/s. The frames are also rust-resistant assuring you that your crops will remain safe and well protected, letting you focus less on upkeeping your greenhouse and more on your crops.

Take Advantage of Our Adaptable Designs

Along with the option to extend your greenhouse growing with you and your needs our greenhouses have the option of being installed with a foundation or directly in the ground using foundational pillars. Side vents can be installed as well, using either an automated electric drive or manual allowing the best environment and conditions for your crops no matter what they may be.

We also give you the option of equipping a tambour with your greenhouse, letting heat be controlled much more concisely and helping to conserve heat. Providing a fully adaptable greenhouse without compromising on quality or structural integrity is important to us because a greenhouse should be able to handle any situation and development, matching your crop’s needs instead of the other way around. 

Get a Greenhouse that Grows With You

Reach out today to get a new greenhouse that will be adaptable to your crops and business, starting the new season off right.

Our Farmer Greenhouses are specially made to withstand and survive year-round no matter the weather or environmental conditions, providing a great environment and safety to your crops letting them grow to their fullest potential.

Planta serves Canada-wide locations - get in touch with us today!
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