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The Best Urban Greenhouses for Your Backyard | Commercial Greenhouse Manufacturers Canada

Do you want to kickstart your garden in your backyard, but are worried about the many things that will mess it up? Then consider investing in a durable greenhouse to safely grow and store your precious plants. 

Planta Greenhouses provides the best urban greenhouse designs on the market. Our unique solutions are highly adaptable to suit your green thumb and can take on the highest loads of snow and wind. They are made of high quality galvanized steel and heavy-duty polycarbonate material. 

We’re one of the best commercial greenhouse manufacturers in Canada and we want to help you decide which greenhouse is best for your gardening needs. So let’s go into detail on some of the best selling selections we have available.  



Sungrow 26

The Planta Sungrow is perfect for people looking to harvest flowers, fruits, and vegetables for their garden. It’s an ideal 3-season solution to effectively safeguard your garden from the outside elements. 

The greenhouse can be installed without a base and comes in 4 mm or 6mm polycarbonate panels. The long, heavy-duty greenhouse is specially designed for backyard farming, but can also be used for commercial purposes because of its tough, compact material and affordability. 

The 8 ft roof height in the Sungrow also makes it very comfortable to work and move inside and the durable steel frame will remain intact for years. You’ll have the option to install multiple automated windows in this design as well as splitter doors on both sides. 


Beta 20 

The Beta 20 Greenhouse is designed to withstand the harsh, unforgiving Canadian weather. In addition to safely storing all your flowers, fruits, and veggies, the heavy-duty frame is ideal for backyard farming in limited spaces. The dimensions of the greenhouse are 10 ft wide and 20 ft long.

Beta 20 is also ideal for smaller urban and suburban backyards. It can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. Like the Sungrow, it also has a high roof, two splitter doors, and manual windows (with the option to install them as automatic). 



Unlike the Sungrow and Beta 20, the Ministar greenhouse is shaped more like a square as opposed to a curved, circular design. Like the other greenhouses, Ministar products are heavy duty and perfect for both backyard and commercial gardening. 

Ministar’s space is a bit more compact than the previous greenhouse designs and has 6mm polycarbonate panels to safely store your plants. This product also has a 5-year warranty and strong steel frames that can handle snow, water, and heavy winds. 



If you need something smaller for your gardening needs, Planta’s Lotus offers excellent coverage for a variety of plants. It’s great to use in limited space and is around 3 ft long and almost 7 ft wide. The Lotus is overall excellent for backyard farming or home use due to its tough, compact design. 


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