What is the Best Greenhouse for the Winter? (Models, Benefits, Price) | Winter Greenhouses, Canada

The growing focus on maintaining a healthy, growing environment for future generations has been the debate over the last Century.

There is an important responsibility on each of us to protect the Earth and its climate, and one of the most prominent ways of saving the planet throughout the years has been cultivating winter greenhouses in Canada.



Planta Greenhouses has been the industry-leading company in commercial greenhouse supplies in Canada and they are rapidly moving to individual backyards with smaller infrastructures that are easily accessible to beginners.  Planta is situated all across Canada, including Ontario, British Columbia and the Maritimes.


High-Quality & Highly Affordable Greenhouses

Planta Greenhouses are especially engineered and structured to grow flowers, vegetables and fruits across all seasons, including harsh Canadian weather conditions.

Greenhouses are warm and humid, enhancing the medium you are planting in by sustaining a longer life and ensuring that your crops are healthy. All Planta greenhouses are covered under a 10 year warranty, saving you some serious cash when it comes to electricity, using LED lights that are 50 per cent less energy than high-pressure bulbs.

Most greenhouses range from 70 to 80 degrees Farenheit with a 90% humidity rate, and if you’re worried about the winter months, a small electric heater for a couple of hours at night is enough to warm the entirety of Planta greenhouses without emptying your wallet.


The Best Winter Greenhouses in Canada

Let’s dive deeper into the types of Planta Greenhouses and choose the right one for you. All Planta greenhouse products are guaranteed to be heavy duty, rust and snow resistant and will not frost throughout the harsh winter.

Sungrow: Best suited for backyard farming, the Sungrow is incredibly sturdy being able to withstand harsh weather conditions like 100k/h winds and up to 6 feet of snow. It is available in multiple sizes between the smallest model Compact (10’ X 6.5’ X 8’) to the Sungrow 32 (10’ X 32’ X 8’). Sungrow varies in price depending on size, with the Compact costing $1950 to the Sungrow 32 costing $4650, with other mid-structures ranging in between.

Sigma: Sigma is also perfect for backyard farming with the idea that you have more limited space that the Sungrow. Built to withstand the crazy Canadian winter, it is perfect for 3-seasoning gardening of fruits, vegetables and flowers. The prices vary by size as the smallest structure, Sigma 20 (10’ X 19.5’ X 7’) costs $3350 to the largest one the Sigma 32 (10’ X 26’ X 7’) comes in at $4250.

Planta Farmer: Designed for commercial farming of agricultural crops in farms, it is stabilized by a boosted steel structure that can withstand 140kg/m2 . The smallest Planta model is the Planta Farmer 26 (25’ X 26’ X 12.5’) to the largest Planta Farmer 100 (25’ X 98’ X 12.5’) costing $29,800. 

The Astra and Ministar: Perfect for individual households, the Astra and Ministar are heavy duty smaller greenhouses that are perfect for the customer that is starting to just get into greenhouse farming. The Astra (69” X 31” X 35”) is not a free-standing structure, but a frame and is now on sale for an unbelievable $375. The Ministar (6.5 W X 11’ L X 8’ H) is a free-standing structure and is also on sale for $1650. 

So what’s the verdict? Planta Greenhouses offers a variety of groundbreaking greenhouses that will fit every individual client based on exactly what you’re looking for. 

Turn to a Trusted Greenhouse Manufacturer

Choosing to install a Planta greenhouses to guide you through the harsh Canadian winter has many benefits and future fruitful (literally) rewards. While you are doing your part to sustain a healthy planet, you will be saving thousands of dollars on groceries and electric bills.

By investing in a Planta winter greenhouse, you are ensuring that you are growing the best crops without having to worry about nasty pesticides that you might on grocery store produce. The future comes fast, and investing in a Planta greenhouse has never been easier. 

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