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With the weather getting colder fall is almost here and winter is fast approaching. Winter provides new tasks for greenhouse owners to get on top of to give their plants and crops the best.



No matter what your plants or their specific seasons and what you’ll work on, winter greenhouse kits in Canada are useful for getting the most out of your winter. Planta is one of the top commercial greenhouse manufacturers working in Canada, ready to get you and your crops winter ready!

Preparation and cleaning

First up is to check in on your greenhouse and refresh it. Depending on your planting cycle and what you are working with, now is the time to take out any seasonal plants that won’t last in the winter. Remember while your greenhouse helps to control temperature and weather exposure, it can’t change how much sunlight you get, so unless you have additional equipment to simulate the long summer sun hours its best to keep winter light hours in mind.

Time to do a deep clean! This not only refreshes your greenhouse but also lets you check up on its condition. By thoroughly cleaning and organizing everything you are more likely to notice any potential cracks, spaces, tears, etc that could leak in the cold and ruin your harvest down the line.

Sweep the floors, organize your tools, wash the framework, hosing down the floor is good to eliminate any leftover soil particles. This lets you properly check the greenhouse glazing for cracks, spaces, gaps in the insulation, and more.

Insulation inspection and installation

Depending on if this is your first winter with a greenhouse or not you already know the deal. Having a properly insulated greenhouse can be the difference between throwing money out the window and struggling plants, or a healthy environment they can grow in safely without a hit to your wallet. 

Inspect your heating system

Even though you shut it down in spring you cant expect your heating system to work perfectly fine. It’s almost always recommended to get a professional to check over your heater and give a proper operation prior to when you need it.

By doing a “test run” you can see any parts that aren’t working properly and replace them. Or upgrade to a Phoenix Greenhouse Heater which offers up to 9554 BTUs to give you a comfortably heated greenhouse and great bang for your buck. 

Having a back-up like a portable heater in case of power loss is also a great idea. Having security measures like this and preplanning is key to protecting your crops and harvest. But not only your plants, if any water lines, pumps, or fertilizer injectors are subjected to sub-zero temperatures they can blow out.

Ensure airflow and circulation throughout your greenhouse

Just like in the summer and spring, any crops you're growing during winter need fresh air to stay at peak health. Sadly, the cold breeze outside makes it a bit difficult to keep that circulation going.

Ventilation systems and fans made for greenhouses can help a lot at keeping that air moving while not letting any heat loss occur. By putting your ventilation system or fans pointed towards your plants on a low setting, you can ensure they have a steady stream of fresh air.

Grow all year round with just a bit of winter prep!

Taking advantage of your greenhouse all through the fall and into winter doesn’t have to be as hard as you might have been led to believe; all it takes is a bit of forethought and preparation. Planta is here to provide you with experienced advice for any of your winter worries and keep you growing through the cold! 


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