How our greenhouse survived Hurricane Fiona!

You may have heard on the news of the crazy weather that hit Prince Edward Island during Hurricane Fiona in September.  I thought you'd like to know how your 20 ft Sigma greenhouse held up in 150 km/hr winds and a tree landing on it!

Punchline - it did great!!

Backstory... we finished putting the metal strapping on the greenhouse and attaching it to the frame on Friday in the rain which was the morning of the storm.  We followed your advice of locating the greenhouse away from trees, but there was only so much that was feasible based on our property and the size of trees that surround us.  We didn't have the opportunity to get the support posts up inside.

We live on 5 acres and are in a little valley.  Usually, when bad storms roll through, they seem to go over the top of our valley rather than hitting us hard.  We knew it was going to be a bad storm, but the greenhouse is in a very sheltered area of our yard so we went to bed hoping for the best.

It was a WILD night and one I don't ever want to relive.  Four trees landed on our house, we lost shingles, we have a 40ft shipping container on our property that was pushed off its base, and our camper was pushed into our truck crushing the truck bed.  We also lost over 100 trees on our property, including one that the tip landed on our brand new greenhouse. Yes, queue the tears!

With the tree on top of the greenhouse, it disrupted the metal strapping and as a result, one of the side panels let go, held on by only two screws.  That side panel flapped in 150 km/hr winds for about 12 hours and the next day in 80 km/hr winds.

When the winds died down and the sun came out on Sunday, we surveyed the damage and got to work.  Low and behold, we got the tree off the greenhouse, the top panel popped back into place, we had to bend the support piece back (looks great!), and the side panel that flapped in the wind for two days in pretty much good as new other than a couple of creases.

We have the greenhouse attached to a frame that has posts sunk.  We're very glad we did this as I don't think it would have made it through the night otherwise.

I was really worried how "tough" those polycarbonate panels were and definitely handled them with kid gloves. Let's just say I'm not so worried anymore!

I just realized I don't have a picture of it all put back together, but it looks great!!

Thanks for such a great greenhouse.  If we had the support beams up inside to take the weight of the tree, I don't know if we would have had any issues at all with the side panel.


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