Durable Against Harsh Winters

What made you get a Planta Greenhouse?
I wanted a greenhouse that would withstand our harsh winters in northern Ontario. We get a ton of snow, wind, and storms. I've had my greenhouse for 3 years now and it's still in excellent condition like when I installed it

What competitors did you consider before purchasing from Planta Greenhouses?
I looked at the greenhouse kits from Home Depot and Wayfair but nothing looked as durable as the Planta kits. I like the shape of the Sungrow and the durability of the extra thick poly.

Why did you choose to buy from Planta Greenhouses?
The price was a major factor in my decision. I knew this was an investment and wanted to ensure that I was getting a product that would last me 15+ years.

What do you grow inside your greenhouse?
I grow flowers, fruit, and vegetables. In northern Ontario I'm able to grow hot peppers, watermelon, squash, lettuce and spinach greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, and much more.

How did your Planta Greenhouse improve your gardening experience?
I'm able to extend my gardening season by at least two or more months. I can start my plants earlier in the spring and set up a small electric heater inside for the nights when it dips below zero or I just put frost cloth overtop. In the fall, I can delay harvesting the cold weather crops like salad greens and leave them until I harvest in November or December. The greenhouse functions like a refrigerator for me in the fall.

What was your experience like buying from Planta Greenhouses?
Customer service was great. They sent me a replacement part with no questions asked when I requested some parts that I needed.

What's your favourite thing about the Planta Greenhouse?
I get many compliments on the design and look of it. I find it adds value to my home and property, we are in a very visible location and people are always checking it out. I've had a lot of people ask questions about it too and I'm happy to refer them. The design for me is the best part.

What would you say to a person considering purchasing a Planta Greenhouse?
I would say it's a great investment for anyone in a northern, cold region where you never have to worry about snow, ice, wind, rain, etc. I've never had to fix anything on my greenhouse after a storm. Even the self-opening windows at the top are very durable.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Great product. I still love my greenhouse three years later, it's been one of the best gardening investments I have made.

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