Free Storage Until Spring 2022 Available

This greenhouse has made my dreams come true!

What do you grow in your greenhouse?
I started all seedlings for my 1/2 acre vegetable garden. They grew to be very strong and healthy. Now have seedling geraniums, cactus orchids, a lime tree, lemon tree seedlings, papaya trees and mushrooms thriving in my Sungrow 20.

How did this greenhouse change your growing season?
It lengthened my spring season. I expect fall will be lengthened as well.

How was your experience buying from Planta Greenhouses?
Everything and everyone from/at Planta made our buying experience simple and joyful.

What's your favourite thing about your Planta Greenhouse?
Its strength and efficiency. It is also beautiful inside and out. I just sit in it and feel wonderful among my plants.

What do you want to say to a person considering buying a Planta Greenhouse?
Do not hesitate. The Planta Greenhouse is everything a greenhouse can be. The buying process is easy, even the importation to the US was simple. Nick and Greg will help you and make certain that you are happy.

Any other comments?
Growing tropical fruit and plants in Northern VT was a dream...until my Planta Sungrow 20. So this greenhouse has made my dream come true.😁👍❣


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