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Here's how my Sungrow 20 is standing up to wetter, heavier snow in an El Nino year!

Thought it might be good to keep track of how the Sungrow 20 rode over the winter. Hero shots of greenhouse in big weather shown on the NOAA Weather Service reports.

This is an El Nino year with warmer (for here) temperatures than normal. First photo below is from January when we got 60 inches of snow in two storms back to back. Snow started off light in cold weather but winds turned to Southeast which brings warm, wetter, heavier snow. Eventually turned to rain. I wouldn’t recommend letting this much heavy snow collect but shoveling the driveway, house roof, boat, and helping neighbors took precedence.

Didn’t get to the greenhouse until near the end of the event. Did get to it before the rain hit (snow soaks up rain like a sponge and adds weight fast).

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Sungrow 20
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