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It’s keeps things warm inside and extends the growing season

I highly recommend this product...

What do you grow in your greenhouse?
This spring I am starting seeds and fruit trees that are not growing in my area.

How did this greenhouse change your growing season?
Not sure yet. Will let you know more in spring.

How was your experience buying from Planta Greenhouses?
Great customer service.

What's your favourite thing about your Planta Greenhouse?
It’s keeps things warm inside and extends the growing season.

What do you want to say to a person considering buying a Planta Greenhouse?
I highly recommend this product. But have someone with great experience building greenhouses because it is very hard and it’s not clear in the booklet. I hope the company can do something about it and make it easier to build.

What year did you install this greenhouse?

Any other comments?
Make the building installation booklet simpler.

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    Sungrow 32
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