Southwest USA Desert Summer Thriving Plants

What made you get a Planta Greenhouse?
After exhaustive research, "Planta" proved to be the final contender based on quality and customer service.

What competitors did you consider before purchasing from Planta Greenhouses?
Better Greenhouses, BC Greenhouses, Greenhouse Emporium, and Solexx.

Why did you choose to buy from Planta Greenhouses?
Quality of materials, price point compared to other polycarbonate greenhouses, and customer service.

What do you grow inside your greenhouse?
Initially purchased as a winter greenhouse for the desert Southwest of the USA. However, have discovered that many warm-season vegetables and herbs thrive during the summer heat with the assistance of shade cloths, mister systems, and solar circulation fans.

How did your Planta Greenhouse improve your gardening experience?
There is a steep learning curve with a greenhouse as it's definitely a very large petri dish; that's part of the challenge. We are still in the learning process, but this greenhouse will allow for year-round growth.

What was your experience like buying from Planta Greenhouses?  
Talked directly to the salesperson(s) and they made the entire process very easy. There were some shipping discrepancies beyond the control of Planta and customer service did not hesitate in correcting the problems. Was very impressed with the overall customer service experience.

What's your favourite thing about the Planta Greenhouse?
The building and construction part was actually very satisfying. The quality of the product and knowing that it will be usable for many years to come made the sweat equity well worth the effort.

What would you say to a person considering purchasing a Planta Greenhouse?
I am a very quality-discerning consumer and I would say that anyone buying a Planta Greenhouse will not be disappointed with this price point in the greenhouse market. You can spend more or you can spend less, but I am very satisfied with the Planta Sungrow Urban with extension.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I did make some minor upgrades on our Sungrow Urban during the construction phase and sent our Planta sales representative photos of those possible suggestions. Keep up the good work...

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