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It’s warm

Ortonville, Minnesota
Wife gave it to me for Christmas...
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The greenhouse will keep squirrels away from what I am growing

Aylmer, Quebec
You can grow what you want in controlled conditions...
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The stability of the greenhouse is really good even in the wind

Chino Valley, Arizona
And we had snow just this week (February) and it is holding up perfectly...
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LOVE the greenhouse and would recommend it to anyone

Springvale, Maine
I cannot wait until spring - harvesting your own greens when everything is still brown and grey all the way around is THE BEST...
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Extended the season nicely

Whitefish, Ontario
Its sturdiness...
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Year round growing season

Oshawa, Ontario
Growing of plants but also it’s durability
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Good product

Miscouche, Prince Edward Island
Lots of head room...
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Take your time and enjoy the process of putting the greenhouse together

Farmington, Maine
It has drawn a lot of attention from our neighbors, which helps us build community...
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It’s my little haven of green in the middle of winter

Rhode Island, Wyoming
We're in our 70s and I just wish we had done this earlier! ..
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Extended bloom into early November harvest

South Hamilton, Massachusetts
My partner is an engineer insisted on making sure everything was level and well fastened...
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My wife really enjoys it

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador
Our greenhouse has withstood several days of strong winds of at least 80 kilometers per hour accompanied with gusts over 100 kph...
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