Simplify Your Planta Greenhouse Assembly with Bilt

Are you ready to bring your gardening dreams to life with a Planta Greenhouse but feel overwhelmed at putting it all together?

Don’t worry – ease is just around the corner!

Planta has partnered with Bilt to provide interactive step-by-step instructions that make assembling your DIY greenhouse kit straightforward and stress-free. 

Discover the seamless integration of Planta's greenhouse assembly instructions with Bilt's digital simplicity. We'll show you how the app takes the guesswork out of the installation process and guide you on using this helpful tool to construct your greenhouse.

Why the Digital Leap with Bilt?

Your feedback is our blueprint for improvement. What is the biggest hurdle you faced? The assembly instructions. Planta Greenhouses has partnered with Bilt to provide a seamless, simplified, and engaging assembly process. 

With Bilt, assembly instructions come to life through interactive audio, text, and animated images. This tech-forward approach ensures an accessible, user-friendly guide that makes greenhouse assembly straightforward and enjoyable.

Your Assembly, Your Choice

With Bilt, you're in control. 

  • Do you prefer a digital step-by-step guide? Download the Bilt App, look for Planta Greenhouses, and follow the prompts on the screen. 
  • Love the feel of paper instructions? A Planta Greenhouse comes with a printed copy of the installation manual, which you can use for reference alongside the Bilt App.  
  • Enjoy Installation Videos? Our step-by-step installation videos are perfect companions. 

Combine these resources in any way you like for a personalized assembly experience that fits your style.

Bilt: Your Interactive Assembly Assistant

Imagine having a personal assistant who's there to offer a helping hand at each step of your DIY backyard greenhouse assembly. That's the Bilt experience.

Here's what makes Bilt your ultimate greenhouse installation partner:

  • Interactive Guidance: With audio instructions and animated images that move as you do, Bilt shows you precisely what to do next.
  • On-Demand Replay: Missed a step? No problem. Replay it, pause it, or skip it – it's all up to you.
  • Zoom & Rotate: Get close and personal with 360-degree views to understand each component from every angle.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Share your experience and rate the process. We're listening and constantly improving, thanks to your insights.

Benefits of Bilt for Planta Greenhouse Assembly

Assembling a Planta Greenhouse should feel like a fun part of your gardening adventure – not a detour. Bilt makes the process engaging by allowing you to:

  • Play with Parts: Need help determining where that piece goes? Tap for details, pinch to zoom for a clearer view, and spin the image 360 degrees to understand precisely where it fits—in your mind and the frame.
  • Go at Your Own Pace: Take your time. Bilt doesn't rush you. It's there to move at your rhythm, making assembly a part of the gardening joy.
  • Stay Updated: With Bilt, your instructions evolve. Any updates or improvements are immediately available, keeping you in the loop.
  • Save Your Warranty: Easily register your product, upload your receipt, and track your warranty – all within the app.

Getting Started with Bilt

Ready to begin? Here's how:

1. Download the Bilt app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play onto your smartphone or tablet.
2. Search for your Planta Greenhouse model within the app to access the digital instructions. When you find your greenhouse, instructions will download to your mobile device, so you don’t need the internet to access them.  
3. Before starting, you'll see an overview detailing the number of people needed, estimated time, and step count for your project. You'll also find a list of required tools and parts included.

Start Your Greenhouse Assembly

By teaming up with Bilt, Planta Greenhouses is elevating the way you engage with our products—from the moment of unboxing to the joy of growing. It's not just about the end product; it's the start of a fulfilling journey that begins with an easy assembly and blossoms into countless days of gardening joy.

As you roll up your sleeves and prepare to assemble, know that Planta Greenhouses is with you every step of the way. Together, we'll transform a collection of panels and screws into a place where your plants can thrive and your green thumb can work its magic. 

Download Bilt and start building your Planta Greenhouse today.

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