Parker & Chelsey Curley from Walton, NY

We are beyond happy with our purchase. Please refer to the attached pictures to see how our greenhouse has been set up!
We set our greenhouse up at our home in Walton, NY. This is our first greenhouse.
We have grown peas, cucumbers, lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, beets, radishes, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, and carrots.

Our greenhouse has extended our growing season by a few months. We are almost into November and we are still picking cucumbers while all of our family has stopped harvesting cucumbers about a month ago. We live in a cool climate during the winter in upstate NY and we’re confident we will be able to continue growing cooler weather vegetables well into December.

We had a pleasant experience buying from Planta Greenhouses. When we purchased the sungrow 32, it was backordered so we knew it would be a few months before it came in. Once it did, we were excited to begin assembling it.

Our favorite thing about our greenhouse is the size and durability. This is our first time even having a garden, so we believe it is a nice size. The durability is also ideal and we are looking forward to seeing how it holds up during the winter months.

We would recommend someone buying from Planta Greenhouses and definitely utilizing the YouTube videos to help assemble it.

The directions were a bit vague but every time we called for help someone answered the phone or called us back right away with answers to help guide us.

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Sungrow 32
Sungrow 32
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