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Andy's Greenhouse in Alberta

"This was my second greenhouse. I have grown tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peppers and zucchini. The greenhouse has given an additional two weeks of growing time in the spring and Fall. Even without heating. I found Planta Greenhouses to be very professional to deal with. 

I really think this greenhouse was well designed. There is tons of head room, lots of ventilation and is extremely sturdy. 

I think this greenhouse will still be standing well after I am too old to be gardening. This greenhouse is very fairly priced.

I highly recommend installing the auto opening ceiling window. It works like a charm!" 


Andy Campbell, Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada


  • I would like a greenhouse app 20x 20. One front door and one back window possibly opposite the door …in addition to the ceiling windows of course.
    …or something similar . Do you have any such kits?

    Lolette Alba
  • do you have lean-to type greenhouses. how much are they for a 8×12

    Garry Ziegenhagel
  • I bought a Sungrow 26’ greenhouse in 2020.
    I live in southern Alberta and the winds really blow hard. This greenhouse is awesome.
    The company guys put up a series of videos to help guide construction, and these are invaluable to putting it together. So many nuts and bolts…….It took two days with about 3-4 people to get it in place.
    BUT this is what you need if you live in the Prairies.
    Thankyou Planta!


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