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Andy's Greenhouse in Alberta

"This was my second greenhouse. I have grown tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peppers and zucchini. The greenhouse has given an additional two weeks of growing time in the spring and Fall. Even without heating. I found Planta Greenhouses to be very professional to deal with. 

I really think this greenhouse was well designed. There is tons of head room, lots of ventilation and is extremely sturdy. 

I think this greenhouse will still be standing well after I am too old to be gardening. This greenhouse is very fairly priced.

I highly recommend installing the auto opening ceiling window. It works like a charm!" 


Andy Campbell, Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada

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  • Sungrow 20
    Sungrow 20
    Size: 10' × 19.5' × 8'
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    Regular: $3,800 USD
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    $3,500 USD


  • I am looking for a 30×50 greenhouse to put in a upper scale neighbor. I am planning on putting it on a cement Fondation. I would like to grow food all year in it. I live in Kansas, so we get very high winds and hail. What would be your recommendations? Thank you for your time in this matter! Have a blessed day!
    Planta Greenhouses replied:
    Hey Sheri,
    Unfortunately, we do not have that size available. However, we have the
    model in similar sizes :

    - (50psf) Farmer “Alpine” 50; -

    psf) Everest 50 – Farmer Greenhouse.

    strong winds and small hail should not be a problem for that greenhouse,
    especially the second option.
    Both are currently on a backorder and we are expecting them at the end of

    More information about foundation can be found here:
    Concrete pad or perimeter concrete base will be the best option for this
    type of the greenhouse.

    Sheri Alexander
  • Sungrow 26’ x 2 owner. Rarely have I dealt with a company so keen on one’s success. Firstly, the product itself is very sturdy and well built…it does take a bit of effort to assemble…but easy enough for a father and his three daughters to put together (YouTube videos were especially beneficial). We’ve had an exceptionally windy fall and winter(multiple 70mph days), with zero ill effect.
    2nd, the team at Planta WANT you to have success with their product. Don’t feel as though you’ll be hung out to dry once the purchase is made. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, aided with all our questions gracefully and were eager to help completely. I’ve already been advising people to hop aboard the Planta train, and take self sufficiency to the next level.

    Side note…we failed to secure our framework to its base on the 2nd greenhouse due to lack of daylight, and an unforecasted windstorm hit us that night. It caused some damage to a few of the pieces. Planta stood tall and replaced the parts, even though it was truly our fault, for only the cost of shipping. What company does that? One invested in you!
    Eric in Wyoming
  • I have a note of praise for the folks at Planta Greenhouse.
    My husband and I finished putting together three sections of framing to our greenhouse. However, we were unable to attached the sections together or fasten them to our wooden base, because we ran out of daylight. During the night we had an unexpected wind storm with winds reaching over 80 miles per hour. Two of the three sections blew into the neighbor’s field. Our hearts were heavy and we just knew most of our greenhouse would be ruined as we went to claim our wreckage. Remarkably, there was very little damage to the pieces. These greenhouses are durable! Our frames took a beating and came away with minimal damage. We called Planta to order a few replacement pieces. We fully expected to pay for our materials, but Planta’s customer service department sent us our replacement parts for FREE. We only paid for shipping. With in a week we had our new parts. If you’re looking to buy a durable greenhouse to with stand heavy snow and high winds this is the one. Plus, the Planta Greenhouse staff are knowledgeable and very easy to work with.

  • I would like a greenhouse app 20x 20. One front door and one back window possibly opposite the door …in addition to the ceiling windows of course.
    …or something similar . Do you have any such kits?
    Planta Greenhouses replied:
    Hey Lolette, our Greenhouses are prepackaged by the manufacturer and at this moment unfortunately we do not have any greenhouse models that are 20’ wide. WE do have a Sungrow/Sigma series that are 10’ wide with customizable length and Commercial Planta Farmer/ “Alpine” models that are 26’ wide.

    Lolette Alba
  • do you have lean-to type greenhouses. how much are they for a 8×12
    Planta Greenhouses replied:
    Hey Garry, unfortunately, we do not have any lean to greenhouses available at this moment.

    Garry Ziegenhagel