Great experience so far

Hi there from the snowy kootenay valley, Nelson, BC.

This is our first full winter with our new greenhouse and it is getting a good test.

We had our first learning year this past summer and found which veggies are more suitable for us to grow.

The greenhouse is oriented East and West so it gets full sun on the south side.
Ventilation is going to be a challenge so some shade material will probably be used this coming summer.

We can do starts in the sunroom you can see on the corner of the house and they will get an early transplant into the greenhouse.  We found it hard to keep up with the late cukes last fall and the cherry tomatoes never quit till they froze out.

Great experience so far as we plan on downsizing some of our other garden space on some things.

Dave and Pat Johnson
Nelson BC

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Sungrow 26
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