Maximizing space with hanging planters and shelves

What do you grow in your greenhouse?
Different varieties of tomatoes, peppers and lettuce. Also herbs, beans, peas, squash, broccoli, onions, beets, cucamelon.

What other brands did you consider before deciding to go with a Planta Greenhouse?
Costco and greenhouses on Amazon.

How was your online shopping experience like buying from Planta Greenhouses?
Great! Very helpful and fast response. We were worried about shipping to our farm address since it doesn’t take you to our exact address but delivery was no problem with providing our coordinates!

How did this greenhouse change your gardening experience?
Now our growing season has increased and we can control the environment which is nice considering we get lots of wind and hail here. It’s helped with pests also.

What's your favourite thing about the greenhouse?
We love how huge the greenhouse is! We also like how you can hang planters inside and could put up shelves. The automatic windows were also a great idea.

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Sungrow 32
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