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I love to go in the greenhouse when it is cold outside

What do you grow in your greenhouse?
I start all my seeds in the spring and any new bulbs, bare roots that I have bought. It allowed me to extend the life of flowering annuals in the fall.

How did this greenhouse change your growing season?
It allowed me to start earlier in the spring and be able to extend the growing season in the fall. I still had annual flowers growing in mid-December with no heater.

How was your experience buying from Planta Greenhouses?
No problems. Staff was very helpful with any questions that I had.

What's your favourite thing about your Planta Greenhouse?
I love to go in the greenhouse when it is cold outside and have it warm inside with plants growing.

What do you want to say to a person considering buying a Planta Greenhouse?
Buy bigger. The additional piece is well worth the expense. You have already paid for the doors and windows in the initial greenhouse.

What year did you install this greenhouse?

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