Your Greenhouse Year: A Seasonal Planting Calendar

Hey there, Green Thumbs! Gone are the days when gardening was just a spring and summer affair. With a greenhouse, every season is a gardening season, unfolding unique opportunities to grow countless plants.

In this friendly guide, we’ll walk through a year in your greenhouse, showing you how to keep those greens growing and flowers blooming, no matter the weather outside.

Why Should You Make a Gardening Schedule?

A well-thought-out planting schedule is your secret weapon for a thriving greenhouse. It's not just about keeping things orderly; it's about syncing your activities with the natural growth cycles of your plants. This approach ensures a continuous harvest and efficient use of space while steering clear of common gardening challenges. Plus, seeing your plants grow strong and healthy all year feels great!

Balancing Your Greenhouse Environment

Your planting schedule is closely tied to how you manage your greenhouse's environment. Here's what to keep in mind:

  • Insulation: Essential for stable temperatures, especially in winter. It keeps the warmth in, ensuring your plants stay cozy.
  • Ventilation: Vital for preventing overheating and supplying fresh air, keeping the atmosphere inside just right.
  • Heating: A must-have during colder months, it extends your growing season by providing necessary warmth.
  • Cooling: Important in summer to manage high temperatures, ensuring your plants remain stress-free.

Each factor is pivotal in your plants' growth, influencing your planting schedule and overall greenhouse success.


Maximize Your Harvest: A Growing Calendar for Every Season

Dive into a detailed seasonal guide to make the most of your DIY greenhouse kit, regardless of the time of year.

Here's a friendly reminder: consider this calendar a trusty companion, not a rulebook. Your garden's success varies by climate and the tools at hand. So, feel free to tweak these tips to suit your garden's unique needs, and watch as your greenhouse thrives in harmony with the seasons!

Winter: The Foundation of Your Greenhouse Year

Winter in the greenhouse is a serene time, perfect for laying the groundwork for the coming seasons. Key activities include insulating for warmth, regulating heat systems against frost, and controlling humidity for optimal growth. This period also includes harvesting fall crops to make room for winter varieties. 

In this chilly season, focus on:

  • Leafy Greens: Spinach and kale thrive in cooler temperatures, offering fresh, nutritious produce.
  • Hearty Herbs: Parsley and chives add a burst of flavor and can withstand the cold.
  • Root Vegetables: Carrots and beets are resilient, growing steadily despite the frost.
  • Spring Bulbs: Plant tulips and daffodils for an early, vibrant bloom in spring.

Spring: A Burst of Growth and Renewal

As the world outside begins to thaw, your greenhouse springs to life. Spring tasks include sowing seeds, transplanting seedlings, and nurturing plants, with a focus on temperature control and ventilation to avoid overheating. It's also time to harvest winter crops, making room for new growth.

Spring is ideal for:

  • Diverse Herbs: Basil, cilantro, and other herbs flourish during lengthening days.
  • Berries: Strawberries and raspberries offer sweet, tangy treats.
  • Colorful Annuals: Plant marigolds and petunias to brighten up your summer garden.
  • Salad Greens: Lettuces and other greens thrive in the mild spring climate.


Summer: The Season of Abundance

Summer in the greenhouse is vibrant and bustling. This is when your gardening efforts pay off with frequent and abundant harvests. Prioritize watering, pest control, and managing high temperatures. Harvest spring plantings to savor the fresh flavors and make room for late-summer crops.

Your greenhouse in summer should be brimming with:

  • Fast-Growing Vegetables: Cucumbers and zucchini are at their peak, providing plentiful harvests.
  • Tropical Flora: Orchids and bromeliads thrive in the humid conditions of a summer greenhouse.
  • Summer Favorites: Crunchy peppers and juicy tomatoes flourish in the summer sun.
  • Mediterranean Herbs: Rosemary and thyme love the heat, infusing your garden with aromatic scents.


Autumn: Preparing for the Turn of the Year

Autumn is a time of transition in the greenhouse. It's about harvesting the last of the summer bounty and beginning preparations for the colder months ahead. This includes cleaning out spent plants, reorganizing your space, and beginning to plant crops that prefer cooler weather.

In autumn, focus on:

  • Late-Season Greens: Swiss chard and collards can handle the dropping temperatures.
  • Autumn Flowers: Chrysanthemums add a burst of color to your greenhouse.
  • Cool-Weather Crops: Turnips and radishes thrive in the mild climate.
  • Hardy Herbs: Plant sage and oregano now; they'll be ready to face the winter chill.


Your Year-Round Greenhouse Garden

Embracing a seasonal growing schedule can transform your greenhouse into a vibrant, year-round garden. Remember, this calendar is a guide; continuously adapt it to your greenhouse's specific conditions and local climate. With each month, enjoy the unfolding story of growth and change in your greenhouse.

Ready to dive into year-round gardening? Check out Planta Greenhouses' range of DIY greenhouse kits and begin your journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. Happy gardening!

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