Planta Farmer

Snow & Wind Resistant


Snow load up to 50 psf

Farmer Greenhouses hold snow loads of 50 psf (240 kg/m²) and are maintenance free in the winter!


Wind resistance up to 65 mph

Sturdy greenhouse construction that resists winds up to 65 mph (100 km/h)

Planta's Farmer Greenhouses bring practical solutions for growing in farms. Its outstanding design makes it the most durable and versatile greenhouse solution on the market.
  • Heavy Duty

    We use heavy duty 6mm Polycarbonate Panels on all models

  • Quality Engineering

    Our greenhouse frames are engineered to be durable and functional

  • Length Extension

    Greenhouses can be extended up to 100 feet in length.

  • UV Protection

    Planta Greenhouse Panels provide 100% protection against UV rays

  • Maintenance-free

    Our heavy duty galvanized steel frames are durable and rust-resistant

  • Top-Rated Support

    Customer service from a top-rated team that supported over 12,000 greenhouse growers!