Step 22

See a video tutorial for Step 22 and/or follow the instructions:

Cutting the 2m long polycarbonate sheets is as easy as cutting lightly with a knife and bending the sheet. Attach the braces on the polycarbonate using double-sided adhesive tape. The braces and polycarbonate have a 5cm allowance that overhangs at both ends of the greenhouse. 

The sheets are secured from the top to the bottom using the M4X35 screws. Place the ridge profile at the topmost of the roof and secure it in place with nuts facing skyward. 

The top wire bandage goes between these screws and runs downwards along with the frame. Attach the top wire bandage to the bottom wire bandage using the М6х60 and two washers. 

Tighten the two bandages as far as possible. 

P.S. The installation of the windows will be available in near future.