Where should you position the greenhouse?

  • The ideal location for your greenhouse is where there’s plenty of sunlight to sustain growing plants. It doesn’t matter which orientation you choose unless you’re getting all the necessary sunlight for your plants. Most customers choose to orient their greenhouse in a south-north direction.
  • If you live in an area with extreme winds, if possible, position the greenhouse shielded from the wind. If installed properly, the Sungrow can withstand wind up to 100 km/h (~63miles/hour).

    To shelter the Sungrow greenhouse from high winds, find a location on the leeward side of your house, garage, or hedgerow to break or slow the speed of the wind. The doors of the Sungrow greenhouse must face away from the direct wind to avoid damage to the structure and your plants.
  • Don’t position the greenhouse under trees as this poses the risk of damage to your greenhouse due to falling branches (and inadequate sunlight trees shade the tree.
  • Check for the height of the surrounding ground at the selected site for the greenhouse to ensure proper drainage.

Finally, the ideal location should be within proximity to your house or other gardens to facilitate the integration and success of your operation.