Greenhouse Buyer's Guide: 9 Essential Considerations Before Your Big Purchase

Investing in a DIY greenhouse kit unlocks a world brimming with endless gardening opportunities.

It's a game-changer that extends the growing season, shields your precious plants from the elements, and creates a nurturing haven for a diverse garden filled with lush greenery.

This guide is your friendly companion, here to walk you through the key factors to consider before your purchase, ensuring your choice flourishes alongside your garden dreams.

1. Determine Your Gardening Goals

What do you envision for your green space? A lush vegetable garden that yields produce well into the cooler months? A sanctuary for your most delicate plants? Or perhaps a controlled environment to start your seedlings? Pinning down your goals is the first step to choosing a greenhouse that aligns with your aspirations, influencing everything from size to the type of accessories you'll want.


2. Consider Your Environment

Your local climate plays a big role in your greenhouse decision. If you're dealing with heavy snow or fierce winds, you need a greenhouse that can stand its ground. High-quality options like Planta Greenhouses are designed to weather the storm – featuring wind resistance up to 65mph and withstanding snow loads up to 98psf. This way, you can ensure your plants remain protected year-round.

3. Select Durable Materials

The materials of your greenhouse are a crucial element to consider. Polycarbonate panels are known for their toughness, providing excellent insulation and UV protection, while aluminum or galvanized steel frames promise durability and minimal maintenance. Choosing suitable materials means your greenhouse will be a long-standing fixture in your garden, requiring little upkeep so you can spend more time enjoying the fruits of your labor. 

4. Plan for Size and Space

Before making a purchase, measuring the space available in your garden is essential to ensure the greenhouse will fit. You should consider future expansions or additions, which means selecting a spot to accommodate growth. The ideal location for your greenhouse is a south-facing area that receives plenty of sunlight, is protected from strong winds, has easy access to water sources, and is accessible throughout different seasons.

5. Decide on Your Foundation

The foundation of your greenhouse is as essential as the structure itself. Whether you envision a robust concrete foundation, a natural in-ground fit, or a charming wooden base, your choice must provide stability and durability. Reflect on your garden's unique needs, choosing a foundation that harmonizes with your space and nurtures your green aspirations, setting the stage for flourishing growth.


6. Budget Wisely

Beyond the greenhouse, factor in both one-time and ongoing expenses. By accounting for these from the start, you can ensure a smooth gardening experience without any financial surprises.

One-time costs can include:

Ongoing costs can consist of:

  • Seeds, soil, and other gardening supplies
  • Electricity: if you plan to use heaters, fans, or other electronics

7. Prepare for Assembly

Prepare for the greenhouse setup with a keen eye on the assembly process. Assess if you have the necessary toolkit and expertise or if you'll need a helping hand. Check if a foundation is required and if the kit includes all components needed for assembly.

Planta Greenhouses simplifies this process with detailed installation videos and an interactive app featuring audio guides and 3D models, ensuring a smooth and successful assembly experience.

8. Embrace Future Growth

As your green thumb grows, so might your need for space. Opting for an expandable greenhouse design means you can add sections as your gardening evolves.

Planta Greenhouses offers extension kits to expand your greenhouse up to 100ft. This way, your space can grow alongside your ambitions, ensuring your setup remains as dynamic as your plant collection.

9. Ensure Warranty and Support

Investing in a greenhouse should come with the reassurance of a strong warranty and dependable customer support. A comprehensive warranty safeguards your green oasis, while proactive customer service ensures help is always available.

With Planta Greenhouses, enjoy peace of mind with up to a 10-year warranty on select models and a friendly support team eager to help, ensuring your greenhouse journey is straightforward and stress-free.


Begin Your Greenhouse Gardening Adventure

Finding the perfect DIY greenhouse kit is about more than just picking one off the shelf; it's about careful reflection on what you need now and what you might dream of in the future. Take your time to weigh your options and assess your gardening aspirations to choose a greenhouse that grows with you.

Eager to embark on your greenhouse gardening adventure? Dive into our rich collection of greenhouse guides, or browse our selection of sturdy DIY kits. And remember, our team of friendly greenhouse experts is always on standby to help with any questions you may have

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